Men and Make Up

Should men wear makeup? Well, yes, why not… women do it, men used to wear it throughout history. It was used to enhance ones features. Some of the early cosmetics were quite dangerous, as some of them contained arsenic and lead which could lead to illness and sometimes death. Beauty use to have a high price!

Today of course the beauty industry is controlled and such ingredients are thankfully not allowed anymore. But back to men and cosmetics.

Men have been wearing makeup throughout history. The Ancient Brit warriors were daubing their faces in blue woad and became known by the Romans as Picts – the painted ones. The Romans painted their heads to disguise premature baldness (not sure that worked too well…). The big jump in recent times came with the invention of the cinema; a handsome actor named Clark Gable paved the way for many young men. He was well groomed, his hair was styled and his beard was perfect.

Today many men wear makeup, some do it badly and end up looking like they tried a bit too hard, but makeup can be used by the average guy to enhance your features and hide your flaws.

Here is how:

There are 6 steps, you can pick and choose or use them all. It depends on what you want to highlight or hide.

Step 1: Always start with a clean face.

  • Exfoliate you skin to remove dead skin cells and pat dry (don’t rub) your face.
  • Use a cotton ball or cosmetic pad with a bit of toner and pat your skin. This will remove any remaining dirt and restore your skins natural pH level. Clarins Water Comfort One Step Cleanser is ideal for most men as it is specifically designed to oily skin (which is what most men have).
  • Moisturise your face. It dosn’t matter if you use one target for women or men, as long as you use one.  Allow it to soak into your skin before you move on to the next step.  We suggest using Shiseido Men Hydrating Lotion for men.

Step 2: Foundation (optional)

Apply a foundation if you have a large area to cover. Use a liquid foundation that is as close to your natural skin colour and use your fingers to apply.

This step is best if you have a clean shaven face as little bits of makeup will be very noticeable on stubble.

Step 3: concealer.

When shopping for a concealer you need to test it on the veins on your inner wrist, the one that cover this best and looks natural is the concealer you need.

  • If you have dark circles then this is a great way to hide them.  Use small strokes and apply the concealer under your lower lashes and between the inner corner of your eyes and nose. Let it dry halfway and then use your finger to rub it in. And hey presto, your dark circles are minimised.
  • Blemishes can be a thing of the past if you cover them with a little bit of concealer. Just go around the base of your blemish with small strokes and then cover the top. Make sure you blend the edges and spend a bit of time here for a good finish.

Use a bit of loose powder to set your concealer. Gently pat the powder over every area where you have used concealer. Use a powder that is as close to the colour as your concealer as possible. Max Factor has a great range called Erace that is easy to apply.

 Step 4: Powder your face.

  • Most men have oily skin so a bit of powder will take that shine away, and as long as you don’t overdo it, it will look natural. Focus on the T-zone (that’s your forehead, nose and chin). Lentheric has a huge range of different colours available, you can find them here.

Step 5: use a lip balm.

  • Chapped lips are not a pleasant look so use a lip balm. Use one with SPF if possible. Just apply as and when. There are loads of lip balms out there and most are unisex so you wont look girly if you use one. Decleor Nourishing Lip Balm is designed to rescue the lips and the area around them, so would be a great buy if you do have problems with chapped dry lips.

Step 6: Last one. Remove your makeup before bed.

Leaving makeup on overnight can give you spots so use a face wash or cleaning wipe and add a bit of moisturizer before you go to bed.

Most cleaners are designed for women, but that does not mean you can’t use them. You can see all our facial cleaners here, if you do want a masculine one then I suggest Shiseido Men Cleansing Foam.

So that’s it, not much if you want to look your best.  Simple and if done right, no one will know that you are even wearing makeup!

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