Dry Shampoo – How Does It Work?

Dry Shampoo, well what an amazing product that has come to our attention… the experts say we should not wash our hair every day, but if I leave mine it become greasy (have you got the same problem?) so this is where dry shampoo comes in as the knight in shining amour.  Not only can I spray my hair and style it as usually, I also get to have an extra 10 minutes in bed as I don’t need to shampoo, conditioner and then dry my hair in the mornings ;0) well, two-three time as week anyway.

So how does this marvelous product work, I hear you say… Well it is very scientific, so I will boil it down to what you really need to know: It absorbs the oil that makes your hair looks greasy, so a bit like your normal shampoo does, but without the need for water.


If you need a quick guide on how to use a dry shampoo then have a glance below, and not only do we sell dry shampoo here at Perfume-Click, we will also give you a recipe on how to make your own… it is so easy and cheap and you will have most of the ingredients at home.

How to use Dry Shampoo

First thing you need to do is to make sure your hair is ready. Remove hairclips and brush it.
We have a number of combs/brushes from Tangle Teezer perfect for the unruly hair, or perhaps this gift set from Macadamia is something for you? It contain a specifically designed No Tangle Brush + 15ml Deep Repair Masque + 10ml Healing Oil for just £7.90

If you are using a powder dry shampoo then separate your hair and sprinkle it where you tend to get greasy hair. Use your fingers to spread it.
If you use a spray dry shampoo then hold the can 20-30 cm away from your scalp (again, use where your hair tends to get greasy).
If the ends of your hair get greasy then give them a spray as well and you can, if you want, use a brush to make sure the shampoo gets distributed evenly.  Do this over a sink or towel as it can get a bit messy!

Leave it to work for 5-10 minutes. You need to give it time to work before brushing it out. If you have very greasy hair it may need a little longer.

Use a comb to get the excess shampoo out of your hair. Turn head upside down and brush it out. A hair dryer will speed up the process. Once done you can style your hair as usual.

Easy peasy, simple as 1-2-3.


Want to make your own Dry Shampoo?

You can, it is very easy and only cost you a fraction of the shop bought ones.
To make your own Dry Shampoo you only need a few items, a mixture of powders and starches works well for absorbing oil from your hair so choose from the following options and get mixing.

Baking soda. This also helps to minimize odor.
Corn Flour
Corn starch
Oatmeal (if you use this you must first grind it into a fine powder)
Talcum powder or baby powder.

Mix it all together; remember that you must use equal amounts of whatever ingredients you choose.


If you don’t have one of the ingredients you can substitute it with one similar. So if you are out of baby powder use twice the amount of baking powder, if you don’t have any oatmeal, use twice the amount of corn flour.

Make sure it is well mixed; you could use a food processor to do this.

If you want to make your shampoo scented then mix it with a few dried rose or lavender leaves.

Once you have your mixture, place it in a airtight container and keep in a dark, dry place. Use within 2-4 weeks.


Let me know how you got on making your own… have you any other tips on dry shampoo?

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