The best summer scent for YOU!

Finding a summer scent that works for you can be a bit of a gamble. Most department stores have all the new fragrances (or most of them) so you could go and try one out there and be lucky enough to find one that is perfect for you, but, and this is a big but, there are over 20.000 fragrances to choose from and no department store is going to stock them all, so having a bit of knowledge when shopping for a new scent is crucial, especially if you are buying online where you cannot try before you buy.

To find a scent that works for you, you need to know a bit about the basis of fragrances such as notes, strengths and which category they belong to (I will tackle this in the next blog).


Perfume Notes.

All fragrances contain perfume notes. These are divided into top, heart and base notes. Knowing these will give you an idea how the perfume will smell when first used and how it will develop over time.


Top Notes.

Top notes are the first notes that hit you when you spray your scent, and they usually only last less than 10 minutes (some only a few minutes). Top notes are there to ensure that you will fall in love with a scent instantly when you first try it on, but unfortunately they do not last long and this is why you should never buy a fragrance within the first few minutes of trying it on. Spray a little on your wrist and have a wander for a few hours to let the scent develop, or better yet, wear it till you get home, and if you still like it, log on an order from us. We will deliver right to your door within 1-3 working days.

Heart Notes.

Heart Notes provide the body of a scent. You can smell the heart notes immediately after the top notes have disappeared. Heart notes last all day and are generally used to mask or attenuate strong base notes, which would otherwise be too overwhelming if used alone.

Base Notes.
Base notes are the richest, deepest notes in a fragrance. Many base notes consist of musk, wood and spices and usually becomes evident only after 30 minutes. Base notes are mostly too strong alone so the heart will blend with the base to soften the sharp edges of the base notes.  If you still like your fragrance after wearing it for at least an hour then you have found the right scent for you.


Perfume strengths.


Parfum is the strongest and contain between 20 and 30% perfume concentration. This has a long-lasting effect and if used in summer you must be careful to only use a little.

When it is hot, our body naturally becomes warmer which in the end will make your scent evaporate quicker and therefore not last as long as it would in the winter month. This however, does not mean that you can splash loads on, as the warm weather also will concentrate your perfume and therefore make it stronger. Little and often is the way to go with pure perfume in the summer months.

Eau De Parfum.

Eau De Parfume usually contains 15 to 20 percent perfume concentration and is fine for summer weather, but remember not to use as much of it as you would in the winter.

We have a handy little roll on Lady Million for only £12.55 for 10ml. You can roll it on your wrists and other pulse points, and smell fresh all day long without having to risk using too much fragrance at once. It’s perfect for any small (or big ) handbag.

Eau De Toilette.

Perfect for hot days, they usually contain less than 15% perfume concentration which makes them a lighter scent to wear. Moreover EDT version is usually cheaper than the EDP version so it is excellent if you are not quite sure about a fragrance and do not want to spend too much money on it first time around.
Burberry Brit Summer Man 100ml can be yours for £22.99. It is perfect for summer with its fresh top notes of ginger, lime, mandarin and cardamom. The heart contain rosewood, patchouli and cedar wood while the base consists of musk, vetiver and tonka bean.

Eau de Cologne and Eau Fraiche.

EDC is not just for men, there are several unisex ones and also some specifically designed for women.
An EDC or an Eau Fraiche is a good choice if you want a fresh light scent. An EDC contain mostly no more than 4% perfume concentration, meaning that they do not last all day long but are good if you want to top up once in a while without being too overpowering. An Eau Fraiche is usually 3% perfume concentration.

Acca Kappa is a fresh Eau De Cologne and can be used by both men and women. The price is £41.80 for 100ml Spray.


Many men like to use aftershave and these are fine for summer, but go for a lighter one or think about how much you apply. You don’t want to be too overpowering when you walk into a room and blasting everyone with your strong scent. When your aftershave is strong, keep it minimal, less is more. Most fragrance houses produce a summer version which is ideal for the summer months.  An aftershave contain about 1-3% perfume concentration.

Cool Water by Davidoff is a fresh, aromatic and woody fragrance for men.perfect for the warm summer weather. £16.89 for 75ml Aftershave Splash.

Scented products.

Last, but certainty not least we’ll have a look at the scented products. Deodorants, body spray, talc, body lotion and shower gel are few among the huge range of perfumed products. These often don’t contain more than 1% perfume concentration so are ideal if you only want a hint of a scent, or are perfect if you want a longer lasting scent (use it as the layer method, ie use the shower gel, the body lotion and the fragrance in the same scent series).

We have many gift sets containing a range of shower gels and body lotions if you are after a long lasting effect.


So that’s it for now, next blog will look at fragrance families which can help you narrow your choices down even more. If you are after a summer scent the easiest way is to search for Summer or Eau Fraiche, you are guaranteed that these are developed for the hot weather and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for summer.

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