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The Wonderful History of Perfume I: The Early Years

Perfume is timeless and some of the perfumes we sell have been in production for a long time, such as Muelhens 4711 Cologne, which first hit the market in 1792. But perfume, skincare and cosmetics go back way longer than you might think. Even during the stone age, long before Eau de Toilettes, scented shower gel or even regular washing even was a thing, early humans would seek out well-smelling roots and plants and rub themselves with them to smell fab. In this series, we are taking a look at the history of perfume from the dawn of man until

One Direction

Four years ago, five fresh looking young boys showed up to audition for the X-factor. They all impressed the judges, were put together as a band and became more successful than anyone could have foreseen. Except Simon Cowell of course, who smelled money from the second he saw the boys' audition tapes. Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis - all names with five letters or less to leave room for more hearts on the posters which girls bring to the concerts - decided on the name One Direction and have since the X-factor days released three albums and toured all