One Direction

Four years ago, five fresh looking young boys showed up to audition for the X-factor. They all impressed the judges, were put together as a band and became more successful than anyone could have foreseen.
Except Simon Cowell of course, who smelled money from the second he saw the boys’ audition tapes.

Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis – all names with five letters or less to leave room for more hearts on the posters which girls bring to the concerts – decided on the name One Direction and have since the X-factor days released three albums and toured all over the world.

I won’t go on about the boys anymore as I am a little too old to be the target audience for their music and a little too young to be considered by cougar loving member Harry Styles. I am here to talk about their latest fragrance which we now sell here on Perfume

Name wise they have changed it up a bit since their “One Moment” and “Our Moment”, but they are still keeping it romantic by calling it “You & I”. (Which I am sure refers to the people who were present in that important moment they keep going on about)

 “You & I” is a floral and fruity fragrance containing mango, grapefruit, osmanthus, orchid and peony. Looking around on the Internet the feedback on this fragrance can be placed under three categories:
– I like it.
– I don`t like it.
– I don`t care! It`s from One Direction! I am buying it! Ps. I love you Niall/Liam/Harry/Zayn/Louis

But fragrances is not the only beauty product from One Direction. They has also released nail polish, lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascaras to mention a few. And the boys are of course hands on in the making of these products 😉

That is the thing about One Direction. It is okay to make fun of them, firstly because their fans are not as crazy as the Beliebers, and most importantly because the boys can handle it. They are already laughing. All the way to the bank.

You can say what you want about the band or their fragrances, but as long as there are young girls screaming, One Direction will smell of success!

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