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Perfume-Click or Treat!

Boo! It's almost time for Halloween and if there's one thing you simply have to have ready on the 31st, except for candy of course, it's some spooky make-up. Kids love face-painting and some creepy make-up can look great on adults too! But why waste your time and money buying expensive kits from stores when you can easily create your own scary Halloween styles with some ordinary make-up and a few fun ideas? If you're feeling like getting your make-up on now, just wait until you hear about our new Halloween Makeup Selfie Competition! Send your scary Halloween Selfie to

Oscar de la Renta: The Man Every Woman Loved

What do Michelle Obama, Nancy Reagan, Jackie Kennedy and Hillary Clinton have in common (apart from being First Ladies)? They shared the same man. By that I mean their stylist, Oscar de la Renta. Dominican fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, passed away on October 21st at age 82. He was the man every woman loved and one of the few who could really emphasize their beauty. Inevitably, the fashion world has lost one of its most glamorous exponents. Luckily, his creations are and will always be living through time. It's no surprise that Hollywood celebrities choose to wear his