Oscar de la Renta: The Man Every Woman Loved

What do Michelle Obama, Nancy Reagan, Jackie Kennedy and Hillary Clinton have in common (apart from being First Ladies)? They shared the same man. By that I mean their stylist, Oscar de la Renta.

Dominican fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, passed away on October 21st at age 82. He was the man every woman loved and one of the few who could really emphasize their beauty. Inevitably, the fashion world has lost one of its most glamorous exponents. Luckily, his creations are and will always be living through time.

It’s no surprise that Hollywood celebrities choose to wear his gowns on the Red Carpet. Every Oscar de la Renta creation is always an Oscar-winner (even with no golden statuette involved!).

Jessica Chastain looked stunning in her shimmering, silver spaghetti, Oscar de la Renta gown for the 2012 BAFTAs. Her skin tone blended perfectly with the colour of her dress and her red hair brightened her look. She looked like a Greek Goddess. Only a genius like Oscar de la Renta could have created something so smooth and elegant.

Everyone loves Emma Watson. The Harry Potter star became a fashion icon by wearing all sorts of gowns that perfectly fit her petite figure. For the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. II, Emma wore a gorgeous, voluminous Oscar de la Renta gown. The “puffy” effect, however, did not limit her movements as she seemed to glide on the red carpet. The dress was ice-coloured, which gave Emma an ultimate magical look.

At the office, we all remember Oscar de la Renta for one particular creation. His perfume Oscar was launched in 1977 and is still one of the best-selling perfumes in the world. De la Renta’s goal was to capture women’s sophistication and charm in one, single perfume drop. This fragrance encompasses everything a woman is. The spicy notes of Coriander and Bergamot fuse romantically into an essence of Rose and Jasmine, settling delicately on a firm scent of fresh Musk and Amber. Seriously, who could have known a perfume could depict a woman’s personality so accurately? The spicy, romantic and decisive nature of the fragrance gives all women the opportunity to proudly wear the quintessence of their being…in a drop.

Oh, Oscar de la Renta, you will be missed. Your name will resonate in the rustling of Hollywood’s gowns and in the shimmering and sober tailleurs of the past, present and future American First Ladies. Your Oscar fragrance will forever accompany generations of proud, passionate and romantic women who will always remember you as the Man they will always love.

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