Guide to Finding the Right Eyeshadow

“It’s in your eyes” sang Kylie Minogue. It’s easy for her to talk about eyes, she has a whole crew to make sure hers look beautiful! Us mortals, on the other hand, stand in front of a big rainbow-colored eyeshadow palette, equipped with one brush and no plan.ES 1ES2Your first instinct might be to look at the outfit of the day and match the color to the clothes,eyeshadow girl
but according to make-up experts this is not the way to go.

Forget your clothes and walk over to the mirror.

1. Firstly, you need to have a look at the shape of your eyes.

Almond Eyes
Use eyeliner from the inside corner all the way to the outside corner and use eyeshadow on the top lid to help open your eyes.

Deep Set Eyes
Stick to light colors to make your eyes appear open. You can also apply a highlighting arch close to the lash line and use a warm color under the brow bone.

Close Set Eyes
Start with light colors on the inner corner of your eye and work your way outwards with darker color. This gives the illusion that the eyes are further apart. Only use eyeliner on two-thirds of your eye.

Wide Set Eyes
With wide set eyes you have more option and can follow all of the tips above, including going opposite with the colors going from dark to light.

Hooded Eyes
A hooded eye is where you can barely see the lid. Start by applying your warmer, contouring color on the base of your brow bone and blend it up to the eyebrow. Use your lightest color right up underneath the brow, to create a shape.

Prominent Eyes
With a prominent eye-shape, sometimes known as a bulging eyes, it’s best to stick to nudes and neutrals. But if you are in the mood for colors, apply them below your bottom lashes so you’re creating a shift of focus. Another tip is to replace the eyeliner with some fake lashes.

Droopy Eyes
Droopy eyes are when the outer corners of the eyes pull down. Keep the outside of the eye extra light, so the focus is upward.

2. Secondly it is time to think about color.

Blue Eyes
If you have blue eyes, you are not only not suppose to match your clothes, you are not suppose to match your eyes either. The way to go is brown, soft purple and, gray and taupe. If you want to have a little extra for a night out, go for pink and purple which will work as a cool contrast to your eye color.

Brown Eyes
Owner of brown are less restricted and can wear almost any color. However, if you want to compliment your eyes go for the colors pink, green or even blue. If you really want to shine on a night out, you can also safely go for gold.

Green or Hazel Eyes
If you want to keep it natural go for mocha brown shades or warm colors with slight orange undertones. Other good colors are gold, taupe and lavender. For a more dramatic look, go for darker purple colors.

3. Less is more?

As a rule of thumb, you can think of your eyeshadow as a person. Not too peppy in the morning, with a little more to give when evening comes around and ready to let their hair down and go all out when it’s the weekend.

But most importantly, remember that these are only tips and they are not set in stone. Have fun, experiment and always ask for feedback from honest friends.


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