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Christmas Traditions in the Office!

We've searched for "What people think about Christmas" and 90% of the quotes associated Christmas with family, friends and food. But how do these three elements combine to form specific cultural traditions? We've asked some of our multicultural team members and they revealed their Christmas Tradition...this is what we found out! Denmark Food: Roast pork with cracklings, chips, gravy, boiled potatoes, caramelized potatoes and red cabbage. Lastly, rice pudding with minced almonds. Usually there will be one whole almond hid in the pudding and whoever gets it will receive an extra present (or the first present since gifts can only

Perfume Ads: Director’s Cut

With Christmas right around the corner, TV ads battle each other with some of the best, most extravagant and creative concepts. Fragrances ads have always been...different. We actually recognize a perfume ad from the very first seconds. It normally feels dreamy, unreal, cinematic, surreal, ethereal. After all they have to try to evoke an essence that you are not able to smell there and then. And they do that by combining colors, music, clever editing and celebrities. Boss Bottled Scottish actor, Gerard Butler, famous for playing the Spartan Leonidas in "300", is the new ambassador for "Boss Bottled". The ad

Top Christmusts for Couples Pt. II

All I want for Christmas to be happy! Ladies, give your man a big smooch and a nice thoughtful gift that can make him feel special. We came up with a selection of gifts perfect for any relationship status or any man. From Women to Men Recent/Young romance: If you recently started going out or began a new relationship, make sure you get the right gift. You don't want anything too important, but you do want something that could make him smile at the thought of being in your Christmas List. Dolce&Gabbana's The One Sport Gift Set contains the