Top Christmusts for Couples Pt. II

All I want for Christmas is…you to be happy! Ladies, give your man a big smooch and a nice thoughtful gift that can make him feel special. We came up with a selection of gifts perfect for any relationship status or any man.

From Women to Men

Recent/Young romance: If you recently started going out or began a new relationship, make sure you get the right gift. You don’t want anything too important, but you do want something that could make him smile at the thought of being in your Christmas List. Dolce&Gabbana’s The One Sport Gift Set contains the EDT, Aftershave Balm and Shower Gel. It is a fresh and woody fragrance composed by aquatic notes, Sequoia wood, rosemary and musk. It is a Sporty fragrance but it can also be worn with both elegant and casual wear. If you’re on a budget, we recommend Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Gift Set. The box is in pure preppy Tommy Hilfiger style, displaying one of his signature fabric designs. The fragrance is energizing and refreshing.

Long-lasting: During long relationships people have trouble finding a special and original Christmas present for their partner. No worries, we’ve got plenty of ideas to share with you. Diesel’s Fuel For Life Denim Gift Set comes with the EDT and Shower Gel. The blue box and the packaging evoke a strong and fresh feeling, also conveyed by the energizing and woody scent of the fragrance. If you are looking for something more elegant, Calvin Klein’s Encounter Gift Set, containing the relative EDT, Deodorant Stick and Aftershave Balm, is the right amount of class and sophistication. Just by looking at the box, your other half will understand you’ve given him a precious gift.

Married Couples: Givenchy’s Play Sport Gift Set  is a sporty yet classy gift, recalling the colors of Christmas. It contains the relative ETD and Hair & Body Wash in addition to a practical and elegant wash bag. It is a useful and creative gift that comes with an elegant packaging. If you are looking for something more Christmas-specific, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Beau Male Gift Set can be the right gift to buy your other half. It comes with a beautiful and colorful Christmas box displaying a Christmas Tree that recalls the designs of the products inside. It contains the EDT, Aftershave Balm and Shower Gel. It is a fun, thoughtful gift that your husband will certainly appreciate!

Thank you for following us in our Christmusts suggestions for Women, Men and Couples! We hope we have inspired you!

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