April Fool’s – You Won’t Believe These Fake Fragrances!

Tomorrow is the first of April and we’ve listed some of our favourite fragrance-related April Fool’s Pranks below. Sadly, we have don’t have any of these hoax scents in stock, but our Special Offers are so good that you won’t believe they’re real. They are though, promise!

3. Angst -The smell of Coldplay

Coldplay, one of the biggest bands in the world, raised a few eyebrows some years ago when they claimed they were launching their own fragrance, Angst. “This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” claimed singer Chris Martin. “People like to smell nice and we thought we could help them out.” According to the Coldplay website, the scent includes notes of sangre, sudor and lágrimas (Spanish for blood, sweat and tears) which have all been “sourced from Fairtrade suppliers”. Even though an ad for the scent (with guitarist Jonny Buckland posing shirtless) was posted on their website it all turned out to be a joke. 

2. Cheeteau – The cheese puff-flavoured fragrance

Last year the famous American cheesepuff brand Cheetos launched a scent which smelled like their product. As anyone who’s ever had any kind of cheese puff knows, they might be tasty but they don’t smell that nice! While the fragrance launch was an April Fool’s joke Cheetos did actually create the fragrance and handed the bottles out at a special event in New York on April 1st. According to people who tried it, it did actually smell like cheese! Maybe a British brand like Wotsits will try this approach in 2015? Yuck.

1. Flame-Grilled – The scent of a Whopper

Burger King have been creating a stir on the internet in the last few weeks when they announced they were creating a new fragrance called “Flame-Grilled”, with the smell of their signature burger: The Whopper. However, it’s a one day offer and that day, you’ve guessed it, is April 1st 2015. If you’d love to smell like the famous burger you’ll have to book a flight though, because this offer is only available in Japan.

Would you try any of these crazy scents? What band, snack or burger would you like to see made into a perfume?

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