Bacteria Loves Make-Up

You’re not the only one who loves your make-up…

Bacteria 1

There is someone else who loves cuddling up to your favourite products, and that someone is Mr. Bacteria. Dirty make-up products can lead to bad skin and even dangerous infections! We’ve come up with some great tips to avoid sharing your products with this tiny, unseen lover.

1. Clean your brushes! You’ve heard it before, and we’re telling you again. But not without reason. By washing your make-up brushes at least once a week with some shampoo, you avoid dragging old bacteria across your face, which can lead to redness and blemishes.

2. Don’t use your fingers! Your hands and fingers are also full of bacteria and dirt. Use the brushes you clean with shampoo once a week.

3. Do not keep your make-up in the bathroom. The warm and humid air in the bathroom is an ideal environment for bacteria.

Bacteria 24. Always close your products. Not only does this keep the bacteria out, it also keeps the make-up fresh. Same goes with your brushes when travelling. You wouldn’t eat an unwrapped sandwich if you found one in your purse…. So do not use brushes who haven’t been covered.

5. Don’t share your make-up with your friends. They might not follow the steps above.

Follow these 5 simple steps, and you can break up the relationship between make-up and bacteria once and for all!

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