The 10 Coolest Perfume Bottles

If you go to the very interesting perfume bottle museum in Barcelona, you’ll see perfume bottles so beautiful it becomes irrelevant whether or not the fragrance actually smells good.
We got inspired and decided to go through our own stock to find some bottles with really original designs!

In this test we’ve only focused on bottles with an interesting or eye-catching design all over and have not taken packaging or extra decorative bits that can be added onto the bottle into consideration. A cool lid is not enough to impress us. (Sorry Van Cleef and Arpels). There are plenty of curious perfume bottles out there, but this time we’re only focusing on ones from our own stock!

10: Diesel – Only the Brave Wild
This clenched fist punches its way on to number ten on sheer power alone. A good example of a bottle that embodies the scent inside.


9: Kim Kardashian – Fleur Fatale

Probably not the feedback Kim K was hoping for, but her Fleur Fatale is on the list because her cute bottle reminds us of soft marshmallows. The scent is quite nice, and the bottle would look great on a bedside table next to fluffy white sheets!


8: Pino Silvestre – Original
If everybody had designed their bottles in the shape of the main ingredient of the scent, we would probably end up with a lot of strange looking bottles (look out, musk-scent lovers…) but since in this case it’s a pine tree, we find it charming.


8: Laurelle – Locked

This bottle reminds us of that “is the dress white and gold, or blue and black” phenomena we saw a while back. Do you see a lock or do you see a frog?


6: Police – To Be the Queen

A cool white skull with a gold crown and grillz. Enough said.

the game

5: Davidoff – The Game

Poker is cool, and so is this poker chip inspired bottle from Davidoff. Great for a trip to Vegas, or a night around the card table with your best pals.


4: Viktor and Rolf – Bon Bon

Another great example of the bottle really expressing what’s inside. Viktor and Rolf’s Bon Bon is inspired by luxurious sweets and caramel and this is reflected in the bottle, which uses their now classic Flowerbomb design as a base but makes it look a wrapped candy! The tinted glass is really pretty and even though it might not look like it it stands up on its own.

John Galliann
3: John Galliano – Parlez-Moi d’Amour

Do you remember the time before the internet? When we’d send romantic letters, and maybe scent them with some romantic perfume? John Galliano remembers and uses it as inspiration for thus super-cute bottle. The name means “Speak to me about love” in French.


2: Laura Biagiotti – Mistero Di Roma Uomo

Beautiful bottle and a very strong design reminiscent of Roman architecture. This cool bottle is guaranteed to stand out on any shelf, in a good way.


1: Lipsy – Caged

We knew this bottle would be the winner, since we first laid eyes on it whilst going through our stock. Even though we have a sneaky suspicion it got its name only to justify the crazy design, we like it. The scent is gorgeous too, and it’s such a cool effect to have the pretty bottle completely locked inside the steel cage.

Do you agree with our list? Any perfume bottles you feel that we missed?

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