Burning Up! 3 Essential Suncare Products

We’re in the middle of summer (and our big summer sale) and we hope you’ve had lots of lovely days in the sun. The British weather might be a bit off at the moment, but we’re sure it’ll pick up soon. Besides, plenty of us are popping off on holiday! Did you know that even though scientists, doctors and skincare experts have said it again and again, a lot of people still don’t bother protecting their skin before they head out in the sunshine? Not using proper suncream won’t just lead to redness and your skin ageing faster but can also cause really terrible things including permanent skin damage and melanoma. Skincare products contain filters that block the suns harmful UV radiation.

If you’re looking to stock on up suncare products before your holiday, we’ve got some suggestions for you. These are dependable creams from the biggest brands and most are available in different SPFs so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your skin.

Clinique Sun Protection

In The Sun: Clinique Sun Protection – Solar Smart

This great cream protects the entire body from both UVA and UVB rays and includes antioxidants activated by sunlight that help prevent signs of ageing.

Daylong Repair

After The Beach: DayLong After Sun Repair Lotion

DaysLongs excellent lotion is to be used in the evening after a day of being out in the sun and helps re-moisturise and heal the skin while encouraging cell regeneration. Super-soothing!

Lancaster Invisible Mist

For Making A Splash: Lancaster Sun Sport Wet Skin Invisible Mist
Lancaster’s Sun Sport Invisible Mist has a unique texture that allows it to be applied directly to wet skin without leaving any white streaks, clumps or droplets while giving complete SPF 30 coverage. Absolutely brilliant if you’re heading to the beach, and there’s even a version for the tots!

Sun Care Products End

Here’s to lazy days in the sun – Take care out there!

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