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Uni beauty Checklist

There are a million uni check lists out there, from cutlery to bedding, but what about beauty? We all know that starting university is a stressful experience in itself, especially if you’re living on your own for the first time, and with all the things you have to remember it ‘s easy to have something slip your mind.

There’s nothing worse than forgetting that one essential beauty item when you are so desperately trying to impress everyone around you during those all-important first weeks! Especially if you’re moving far away from home and can’t just pop in to get that holy grail product you need!

To prevent this from happening we at Perfume Click have put together a beauty check-list. Everything that you need in one list. We have tried to make the list as extensive as possible, because it’s always easier to remove than to add.

Feel free to print this list out and use it for your big move!


 Foundation  Concealer (Skin colour)  Concealer (Highlight)

Contour powder/liquid/cream  Highlighter  Bronzer

Eyebrow Pencil  Eyebrow Gel  Mascara  Eyeliner

Eye shadows  Lip liner  Lipstick  Lip gloss  Lip balm

 Make-up brushes  Primer (Face/eye shadow)  Setting powder/spray


 Day cream  Night cream  Make-up remover  Cleanser

 Toner  Face scrub  Spot cream  Face mask  Hand lotion

 Body moisturiser  Body scrub


 Shampoo  Conditioner  Hair mask  Shaving equipment

Tweezers  Nail care  Perfume, of course!

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