Tantouring is hot and happening in the beauty world. Why spend 10 minutes on your contour everyday, when you can have it semi-permanently done? Would you like your contour to be on fleek all the time? Being able to place those “I-Woke-Up-Like-This”-selfies on Insta while still having chissled cheekbones? Here is how:

Step 1 [optional] : You can tantour a fresh face, however a a slightly bronzed face will complete the look and make the tantour look more gradual. We suggest using a bronzing daycream or a gradual tan face lotion such as Sampar 3 Day Weekend Hint of Tan Gel

Step 2: Dip your brush in a tanning mousse and start by putting a thin line on the places you want to contour with a contour brush. How to contour depends all on your faceshape but generally you should put it along your nose, forehead, jaw and in the hollow of your cheekbones.

Step 3:  Blend the edges slightly and apply another thin layer with a stippling brush. As the stippling brush will overlap the thin line you’ll get a gradiant effect. Blend this out with a clean bursh or beauty blender. Blending is key! Don’t stop until you have no sharp edges left.

Step 4: Let the tan set until it has received the desired intensity. If you rinsed the mousse of to early you can always go back with some more product. Alternatively you can use different shades of self tan to achieve more natural look.

TIP 1: To ensure a natural look try to practise with a bronzer, or preferably cream product, first to make sure you get the placement right.

TIP 2: Put the mousse on a tanning mitt and dip your brush in after instead of putting the product directly on the brush. This prevents you from over applying the product. As this is tan you want to gradually add, remember: less is more! This one from Sunkissed is a true steal!

TIP 3: Remember that most self tans have a guideline colour, the colour it becomes on your face might not be the colour it will be in the end! Try to patch-test on a hidden part of your to body to see how close the colour guide is to the actual colour you will end up with.

And there you have it! A flawless contour which will last around a week! Have you tried tantouring yourself? Send us a picture on Facebook or IG!

Loving this new trend and wanting to use it in more ways then one? You can even use it on your arms!  Being fit is an aesthetic we’re all liking at the moment, however there’s a long road ahead if you’re just starting out! Here’s how you look the part without actually having to slave away in the gym:

Define your arms to give them depth. Use a cream based product at least two shades darker than your own skin tone. Place a long vertical line on your upper arm and 2-4 small horizontal lines [depending on the lengt of your arm]. Blend this out with a brush or a sponge. Make sure that you blend until no harsh lines are left.
Place a highlighting colour above and along the edges of the darkened spots, this will give it more dimension. After you have blended this out you can add some bronzer on the contoured spots to make a gradient effect between the dark and lighter colour. Voila, you’re done! Go out and flex your beautifully toned arms.

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