Keeping It Real: 4 Independent Perfume Brands

As you might have noticed if you’ve bought a few perfumes, most of the biggest brands in the perfume industry are actually fashion houses. These perfumes are often great because huge brands like Armani, D & G and and Calvin Klein can afford to get great raw materials and the best perfume-creators in the world to work on their projects. Even more creative scent brands like Tom Ford and Thierry Mugler are linked to fashion designers.

However, there are plenty of fantastic fragrance makers in the world that aren’t associated with clothes or fashion and focus all their attention on creating scents like the perfume-makers of the past. These “indie” fragrances tend to be a bit more artistic, less safe and often paint a picture with vivid notes and interesting ingredients, not to mention the inventive packaging. In this guide we’ll give you a quick look at some of the so-called niche brands we have in stock and their stories.


This classic British fragrance house has been been making perfume since the 1860’s. They are known for their eccentric style and their cute vintage-style bottles which are all decorated with their signature bow. The scents themselves are lovely and tend to be quite natural and based around specific topics. Have a look at Iris Prima, which is a light female smell inspired by a ballet hall with notes of iris, jasmine and even a light leather note to represent the shoes and sandalwood for the theatre stage.

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Miller Harris

This is a newer company that was formed in 2000 by experienced English perfumer Lyn Harris. Their scents are firmly rooted in nature, and Harris only uses natural ingredients to craft her stunning scents. A good example of their style is 2011’s La Pluie, which means “The Rain”, a gentle floral aquatic scent meant to evoke that warm feeling just before a summer rain hits with lovely notes from lavender, bergamot, tangerine and wheat among others.

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Serge Lutens

French artist Serge Luten’s fragrances are beloved by perfume fanatics all over the world for their excellent use of ingredients and ingenious combinations of notes. Un Bois Vanille is a sweet and scrumptious dream of a perfume with generous helpings of vanilla and burnt sugar.

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Creed has roots all the way back to the 1700’s and their fragrances have been worn by all kinds of celebrities and nobles. While a bit on the expensive side, their scents are created with very best ingredients and have staying power and depth that goes way beyond that of your average perfume. Aventus, their main fragrance for men is by far the most popular and it’s hard to beat it’s unexpected but very sophisticated and masculine mix of apple, pineapple, woods, florals and vanilla. Keep a look out for bottles marked “millesime”, this means that the best crops from the production year’s harvest was used in the making of the fragrance inside. Virgin Island Water is an amazingly fresh and creamy tropical scent for women with gorgeous lime and pineapple.

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