How To Keep Bleached Hair Blonde

Something that a lot of people struggle with is keeping bleached blond hair blond. It is easy for blonds to get brassy tones in their hair which is not the look many people go for. You can prevent the evil yellow monsters from taking over your hair by doing the following things.

Purple shampoo is your best friend. Yellow is on the opposite of the colour wheel which allows purple shampoo to counteract the brassy tones in your hair. Unless you are going for Strawberry blond hair, you do not want these yellow undertones. Don’t let it sit in your hair too long though! 1-3 minutes should be enough, otherwise your beautiful platinum locks will turn purple.
Toner. You will want to go as long between bleaching as you possibly can stand. Toner will have the same effect as a purple shampoo, but stronger. Sadly, it won’t turn your roots blond BUT it will give your hair the extra oomph it needs to go just does extra two weeks in between bleaches.

Brace yourself, we know it sounds kind of scary… Bleach baths. Instead of mixing your bleach powder with peroxide,  you are going to mix 1 part bleach, 1 part developer with two parts shampoo or/and conditioner.  Make sure that the product you are using to mix the bleach with is clear or white as your hair will take to the colour it is mixed with. Wet your hair and apply the mixture. How long you will want to leave it in for depends on how light you want to go and what volume developer you have used. We advise you to keep checking the condition of your hair every 5 minutes. This will not tone your hair, this will lighten it! Rinse the mixture out of your hair and follow up with a repairing mask to keep your hair in (sort of-kind off) good condition.
Avoid chlorine filled pools. Take a dive in the sea instead. Chlorine will make your hair go green, which will be a tricky to get out. Going on holiday somewhere warm? Opt for a swim in the sea instead and let the sun dry your salt water soaked hair.

What is your HG product for blonde hair?

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