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The Amazing New Year’s Eve Look

New Years Make-up 1 New Years Eve is just around the corner. For us women there's so much to think about... What dress to wear, what food to serve, what hairstyle to do and especially the make-up needs to be a bit different than the usual day to day look. It is therefore our great pleasure to give you this little guide to the perfect NYE look. Preparing The Skin: First thing first, you need to prepare your skin for a long night of make up. It is therefore important to start out with a facial moisturiser. We recommend the Guinot Creme Hydra Beaute

Foolproof Make-up For The Holiday Season

A red lip looks good on everyone, no matter your style or skin tone. The key is finding the perfect red lip for you. If you always found a red lip too out there, this is the time! As your lips will be the vocal point for this look, keep the eyes simple. Use nudes and browns just a couple of shades darker then your skin tone. Apply a nude shade all over your eyelid and use a darker brown to define your crease. Use a subtle highlighting colour on your brow bone. Blend, blend, blend and don't stop until

Great Gifts For Christmas 4: Presents for Teen Girls & Young Women

Katy Perry In the last part of our Christmas Gift series we've gotten some lovely gift sets suitable for teen girls together. If you've missed the previous parts with gift suggestions for Dads, Mums and Teen Boys, use the links or go to our Main Page to see them all! We all know it's tricky to shop for a teen girl but our team has put our heads together to give you the best possible deals on the nicest gift sets from our huge stock of Gift Sets. If you're looking for the perfect present for your daughter, sister, girlfriend or niece,