Mother’s Day: Our Top 5 Supermums

With Mother’s day approaching on we think it’s time to honour the most inspiring celebrity mums who’ve graced us with a fragrance collection of their own! Below you’ll find our top 5 Supermums of the fragrance industry!

#1 Beyonce

Forbes and Time have recently named Beyoncé most powerful and influential female musician today. First as part of girl group Destiny’s Child and later solo, the singer, actress, model and mother has sold close to 200 million records, won 20 Grammys and got nominated for 2 Golden Globes. This super stardom comes with a lot of responsibility but Queen Bey has it covered: As a spokesperson for female rights and a self-declared feminist, Beyoncé has made feminism fashionable. She is co-founder of the Survivor Foundation initially set up to support victims of hurricane Katrina, has supported various fund-raisers after the Haiti earthquakes, opened a Cosmetology centre to support the rehabilitation process of former drug-addicts, supported the democratic government in its efforts to reduce obesity in children and partook in a video campaign demanding stricter gun laws. Her already iconic performance at this year’s Superbowl and recent video release of her single Formation openly address the problem of violence against ethnic minorities in the US and have been widely applauded by the media all around the world. On top of this the power woman is loving mother to now 3 year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Rise to the heights of girl power with Beyonce’s floral fragrance of the same name, which was reportedly inspired by female empowerment and the entertainer’s favourite poet Maya Angelou.

#2 Carolina Herrera

Fashion icon Carolina Herrera was born into a wealthy Venezuelan family and was introduced to the glamorous world of fashion at an early stage through her fashion-affine grandmother. Since relocating to New York City, Herrera is said to have frequented the legendary Studio 54. There she hung out with influential personalities like the Jaggers and Andy Warhol, who created some of his famous Pop Art prints of her portrait. Enchanting people with her immaculate style, Herrera quickly rose to social fame. Thus encouraged to bring out her own fashion line, she launched her self-titled label in 1980. As head of the slowly but steadily expanding company she famously dressed Jaqueline Onassis and other Kennedy’s as well as Michelle Obama. Herrera has 4 daughters from two marriages and 6 grandchildren.

Probably the classiest mum on our list, we’re completely in love with Herrera’s timeless elegance, which is also reflected in her CH fragrance line.

#3 Donna Karan

Born in Queens, NYC as daughter to a model and a tailor, Donna Karan’s family lived and breathed fashion which was the starting point for her extraordinary career as a fashion designer. After being head designer at Anne Klein, Karan went off to create ‘modern clothes for modern people’ under her own name. The brand Donna Karan New York showcased its first collection in 1985. Karan’s simple and elegant designs have been celebrated around the world and the designer’s work was honoured with 6(!) awards by the Council of fashion Designers of America. Karan actively engages in a lot of charity work, she has campaigned for AIDS-awareness and supports Cancer Research. She is head of the Urban Zen Foundation which supports projects in the areas of well-being, the preservation of cultures and empowerment of children. Her private life is centered around her daughter and grand-daughter, making this fashion icon one of our maternal role-models!

Don’t think you’d have the energy to accomplish equal grandiosity? Maybe the Energizing fragrance range by DKNY can motivate you!

#4 Sarah Jessica Parker

This special lady rose to fame with Sex and the City, the number one TV guilty pleasure of the naughties.  One of 8 children, Parker found great support within her own family and was encouraged to  pursue her dreams from an early age. She started off at Broadway and appeared in a number of Hollywood films before signing for the role of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Her performance and work as executive producer on the TV comedy drama earned her 4 Golden Globes and ten Emmy nominations (including 1 win). She also successfully runs her own production company and has worked on a clothing, shoe and fragrance line. After having her son, the actress and her husband had two twin-daughters by surrogate. Other than head of their unconventional family, Parker is also an ambassador for Unicef and supports New York schools financially.

We’d love to smell just as lovely as Sarah Jessica Parker and her fragrance collection by the same name is the perfect scent for a sophisticated afternoon in the city…

#5 Estee Lauder


Estee Lauder co-founded the Estee Lauder company in 1946. She developed and released the first Estee Lauder fragrance Youth Dew, which became an instant hit and paved the way for her legendary fragrance line. The powerful business woman and mother of two sons reportedly donated generously to hospitals, museums and universities. Her family life might have been eventful at times (she divorced and then remarried her husband) but until today all her kids and grandchildren are somehow involved in the company. Notably, her daughter in law, Evelyn Lauder, launched the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, co-creating the famous pink ribbon. By the early noughties the company had raised over $10 million for this cause. Thanks to Estee’s hard work and business sense the close-knit Lauder family is the 12th richest family in America today Forbes(2015). Estée Lauders success gained her a spot on Time Magazine’s 1998 list of the 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th Century. She was the only woman on this list.

This makes super mum Estee Lauder one of our modern muses, which is fittingly also the name of one of the company’s latest fragrance collections. Can you smell the success?

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