Get Glammy for The Grammys – 4 Artist Fragrances

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards is just around the corner and we’re definitely excited! From tributes to some of the amazing musicians we have lost the past year, to beautiful dresses and handsome men.. We can’t wait!
In the name of the Grammy Awards we want to show you how some of the performers of this years show aren’t just great performers, but that they know how to make us smell wonderful as well!

Taylor Swift
Taylor is a woman we can’t get around when we’re talking Grammys. With 7 (!) of the statuettes on her shelf and numerous performances on the show, it’s safe to say that she is now a staple of the Grammys. But that’s not all, she also knows how to make perfumes! We have chosen to show you this Taylor Eau de Parfum – Musical Edition, simply because it is too cool! The perfume is a gorgeous fruity-floral scent. However the best part is that it comes in a box that plays her music. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is performing a tribute to David Bowie, something that we’re really looking forward to. Gaga is well know for being a bit different both when it comes to music and personal style – I think we all remember the Meat Dress in 2010. Even in the perfume world Gaga is a bit different, but that is not necessary a bad thing! The Lady Gaga Fame fragrance is a black liquid that has a lovely sweet scent containing the poisonous flower Belladonna.

Another heavy weight on the Grammy stage is the beautiful Rihanna. With 24 Grammy nominations and 8 wins, she definitely is a respected recording artist. A part from her music Rihanna is also known for her acting, clothing design and perfumes! Amongst her many fragrances, we chose the Rogue. A wonderful musky and fruity fragrance with notes of suede and plum. We have it in both 30ml, 75ml, 125ml and gift sets – something for everyone!

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is back! And this time he is definitely here to stay. With his new sound Bieber has really taken the music world with storm – and we love it! Mr. Bieber is of course known for much more than just music such as clothing from companies like Adidas and Calvin Klein. Perfumes is also one of his many businesses and the lovely Someday is not to miss! The fragrance is a light fruity scent that will melt your heart.

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