Red Carpet Royalty : Our Top 10 Timeless Oscars Looks

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be awarding the world’s most famous film prize for the 88th time on 28th February. The prestigious ceremony is one of the biggest yearly events that summons herds of Hollywood A-listers to the Dolby Theatre in LA. Making a good impression on the red carpet seems almost as important as winning one of the coveted golden trophies and neither costs nor efforts will be spared in order to shine brighter than Donald Trump’s fake smile. Below we have compiled a list of our 10 favourite red carpet styles of all time as seen on some of Hollywood’s most glamorous female stars!

Vivien Leigh (1940)

The bewitching Vivien Leigh collected her Academy Award for Gone With the Wind looking positively marvellous. From her stunning cut-out dress to the bold but beautiful statement necklace, her look was as unforgettable as her performance as Scarlett O’Hara – and just as timeless! Her make up choice is equally flawless. An elegant but distinct brow combined with subtle eye make up and a peachy red lip give her a fresh complexion. Important tool to achieve this look: Highlighter! Finished off with a classic 40s orderly curl, Leigh has us falling head over heels in love with this classic Hollywood style. Who would guess this picture was taken almost 80 years ago?!

Audrey Hepburn (1954)

14 years later a young Audrey Hepburn made her memorable Oscars debut when she won the award fro Best Actress for her performance in Roman Holiday. The famous Audrey brow as introduced by Hepburn remains topical until today and is part of what made Cara Delevigne famous. Legend has it that the young actress didn’t have time to redo her face and accepted her award still in her theatre makeup. However, bolder than bold brows, longer than long fake lashes and generous eye make up didn’t take any of her natural elegance away from her and combined with a light red lip, her iconic pixie hair cut and the now legendary Givenchy lace gown she conquered Hollywood in just one night. A nod also goes to her flawless white manicure which is still a popular choice for the red carpet!

Julie Christie (1966)

In the swinging 60s Julie Christie made a memorable appearance at the 1966 Academy Awards in a golden number resembling the award she took home for her role in Darling. Her backcombed and curled golden hair epitomised the decade’s free spirit and coupled up rather nicely with her eye catching choice of make up. Her blue eyes are perfectly framed by grey eye liner and white eye shadow with some subtle additions of blue. Restricting herself to only going bold on the eyes, she cleverly opts for a nude lip and fresh face with only a touch of highlighter, keeping the look free from any unnecessary weight. It was Christie who started the ongoing gold trend on the red carpets of the world and therefore truly deserves her spot as one of our Academy Goddesses!

Reese Witherspoon (2006)

We’re jumping ahead 40 years entering the 21st Century where Reese Witherspoon stuns with a Classic Hollywood inspired look! It wasn’t just her acting ability that put the Southern Belle ahead of the game of everyone else on her Award-winning night that saw her take home the Oscar for her portrayal of June Carter in Walk The Line. Her elegant 50s Dior gown and flawless make up also made her stand our from the crowd and will likely be remembered just as much as her winning performance! Her make up picks up on the Vintage theme but is given a modern twist with a loose but elegant up-do. With stress on a pale red lip, she went for a fresh-faced look without any heavy eye make-up, using a soft blusher to give her that to-die-for glow…

Natalie Portman (2009)

Although she was still 2 years away from her win, 2009 marks an important year for Natalie Portman’s Academy history: thanks to her stunning red carpet make up that made her the star of the night! Admittedly, if you have Natalie Portman’s face half the work is done already, but she manages to frame it rather effectively with pastel-pink highlights! Her Pretty in Pink look is based on some strong eye shadow game combined with black eyeliner she applied to her waterline giving her a more striking expression. The pastel pink dreaminess from her eyes is picked up with a soft pink lip and some candy-pink blusher. We believe this radically rosy look is a true winner!

Jennifer Lawrence (2011)

Jennifer Lawrence just casually conquered Hollywood and just as casually she took over the red carpet at her first ever Academy Awards appearance in 2011! Nominated for an award for her performance in Winter’s Bone, Lawrence showed up in a simple yet jaw-dropping red Calvin Klein gown and a comparatively wild hair do creating one of the coolest Oscar looks of all time! Central to her look are arguably her shiny golden locks which have been boosted to maximum volume. Combined with a frosted nude lip and warm eye shadow, her 70s inspired style gets a modern makeover and leaves us yearning for a walk on the wild side with the flawlessly cool Jlaw!

Scarlett Johansson (2011)

As the Academy Award ceremony is traditionally held at the very end of winter, we are thrilled whenever we see some colour on our favourite celebs’ faces! A dazzling example was made by Scarlett Johansson in 2011. Her eye make up sparkled in orange and gold and made her eyes glow with forgotten summer warmth! Bright orange eye shadow can be tricky to find but resourceful beauty nerds mix some dark-red blusher with golden highlights to recreate Johansson’s red carpet look! Top up with some clear lip gloss and a seemingly effortless hair-do just like Scarlett’s wavy beach hair for a cool, hippyesque look!

Rooney Mara (2012)

Often compared to Audrey Hepburn, Rooney Mara shares the Hollywood icon’s graceful fairy features – as well as her flawless brows! Her 2012 Oscars look showed once again how effective this grace combines with humble make up and a short hair cut! Mara combines flawless porcelain skin with a red lip, a deep black but natural Mascara, just a hint of blusher and a bold fringe to create one of the most striking red carpet looks ever.

Lupita Nyong’o (2014)

Although Lupita Nyong’o’s was mainly applauded for the dress she wore to her Oscars outing, a dreamy pale blue Prada gown, her make up also deserves some credit! Apart from some extra kissable, glossy pink lips, some glamorous lashes and a discreet feline flick, the rising star is keeping it simple with a natural look – a red carpet favourite! A golden hair band gives her that extra hint of glamour and a wise choice of jewellery adds just the right amount of sparkle to her unforgettable Oscars look!

Keira Knightley (2015)

Our highlight from 2015 is without doubt the gorgeous Keira Knightley who dressed to impress in a beautiful Valentino gown. Her beauty secret? Being pregnant! How else can we explain this healthy glow of happiness? However, some credit will also have to be given to her stylist! Her makeup perfectly accompanied the romantic gown: With a pale rosy-brown lip, prominent brow and reserved eye make up the English actress floated over the red carpet like the queen of elves. Our tip for brown eyed beauties like Keira: Brown eyeliner! Combined with a good quality, clump-defying mascara it creates a beautifully natural, glowing look.

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