Nail Polish DIY Decorations

We all want to get the most out of the products we buy and not throw so much away– it saves money and it’s good for the environment! It can be hard to use all the products up though, especially the bigger sizes! A good example is OPI nail polish.( Unless you only have a few staple shades you will probably never use them all up! We have therefore put together a little list of our favourite DIY nail polish projects!

1. Marbled Cups

Here’s a trick to make your own marbled cups with your old nail polish and just a few simple ingredients! The beautiful and unique marbling goes great on any kind of white surface.
All you need to make the beautiful cups above is:

* Some white cups
* Nail polish (we recommend this cheap set from Active Cosmetic!)
* A plastic container that you don’t need anymore.
* Toothpicks.

Fill the plastic container with water followed by the nail polishes that you wish to use (you can either use just one colour, or mix multiple colours together). Twirl the colour around in the water with the toothpickn and then dip as much of the cup you want coloured into the water in one go. Let the cup dry on a paper towel so you don’t ruin any surfaces and voilà! You are now the owner of some beautifully marbled mugs!

2. Phone Cases
We have all been on the hunt for that perfect phone case – often with little luck. It can be hard to find a cover that actually fits your style, so why not make your own? All you need is:

* Clear or white phone case
* Nail polish of your choice (why not try glitter? we have this One Direction set with nail polish and glitter to put on top )
* A top coat
* A brush for precision – only if wanted/needed

All you need to do is to find out what you want on your case! If you want a case with just one colour, then that is easily done! You can also go for dots, stripes or any other pattern. Whatever your heart desires! Remember to allow the nail polish to dry before you finish it off with a top coat.

3. Coloured Hair Pins
Most girls have hair pins lying around. It’s almost a must if you have just a bit of hair – in fact we probably lose more of them than we even use! But why not make it a bit more fun and shake the colours around a bit? All you need for this very easy DIY is:

* Hair pins of your choice
* Nail polishes (
* Paper

Take your hair pins and attach them to the paper for less mess. Colour the hair pins in your preferred colour – and that is literally all you need to do!

Pro tip: You can also use hair pins to make necklaces! You just need a chain to attach them to and you can make a beautiful necklace with a pattern.

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