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3 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Beauty Habits

We've all seen them on the red carpet with their flawless skin and perfect manicures; the amount of time and money that celebrities spend on their beauty can be hard to even grasp for us “common people”. To give a little insight we have made a list of the most exclusive and expensive celebrity beauty habits, prepare to have your jaw drop! 1. Manicures Ever see those amazing nails on the red carpet and curse while looking down at your own chipped mess? The nails of the rich & famous looks amazing but they don't come cheap! Stars like Kelly

4 Reasons We Love Guinot

Guinot is one of the most popular skincare brands in the world and for good reason – their excellent range of products gives dependable and visible results and the reliability of their creams and treatments have kept them in business for more than 50 years. Here are 4 reasons Guinot remain the cream of the crop! 1. It Was Created By A GENIUS BIOCHEMIST. Rene Guinot was a chemist who came across a new method for cleaning the skin which involved in-depth cleansing using plant ingredients. This was at a time when skincare was still largely unknown and Guinot was