4 Reasons We Love Guinot

Guinot is one of the most popular skincare brands in the world and for good reason – their excellent
range of products gives dependable and visible results and the reliability of their creams and treatments have kept them in business for more than 50 years. Here are 4 reasons Guinot remain the cream of the crop!

Rene Guinot was a chemist who came across a new method for cleaning the skin which involved in-depth cleansing using plant ingredients. This was at a time when skincare was still largely unknown and Guinot was one of the first to provide a scientific solution to skin problems. His succesor Dr. Jean-Daniel Mondin would continue this legacy and even started to offer prescriptions of skincare products.

2. They NEVER Test On Animals.

When you use Guinot skincare you don’t have to worry about unethical treatments or anything dodgy going on in strange laboratories – all Guinot products are 100% cruelty free unlike many other skincare brands who unfortunately still use animal testing when developing their products.

3. CONSTANT Research

Guinot Paris has a dedicated research lab in France which assures they never stop innovating, and with so many innovations already it’s a wonder they haven’t run out of ideas! Even if you don’t count pretty much inventing modern spa technology with their Guinot Hydradermie treatment they’ve released so many pioneering creams and home treatments! Some of our favourites include Douceur De Vie, Age Logic and 888.

4. FUTURE-PROOF Skincare
The company has recently made strides when it comes to making their products environmentally friendly. Aside from never tasting on animals the products are free from GMO, artificial colouring and parabens. Guinot design their skincare products to only use renewable plants so that they won’t endanger any vulnerable species, and their packaging has been designed to be easily recyclable. With their eco-conscious policies Guinot Paris are setting a great example for the skincare industry.

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