3 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Beauty Habits

We’ve all seen them on the red carpet with their flawless skin and perfect manicures; the amount of time and money that celebrities spend on their beauty can be hard to even grasp for us “common people”. To give a little insight we have made a list of the most exclusive and expensive celebrity beauty habits, prepare to have your jaw drop!

1. Manicures
Ever see those amazing nails on the red carpet and curse while looking down at your own chipped mess? The nails of the rich & famous looks amazing but they don’t come cheap! Stars like Kelly Osbourne and Jennifer Lopez have both sported £300,000+ manicures from the company Azature, while singer Tony Braxton has been seen wearing a manicure from same company costing a whopping $1,000,0000! No, we did not add an extra zero – that is a manicure costing one million dollars, or about £700,000 So what is in this crazy nail polish? Oh, just a few hundred carats of crushed diamonds…

If you’re on a slightly more realistic budget when it comes to manicures, we do have some cheaper options. Try for example our big collection of Nails Inc. right here!


2. Facials
It’s very important for stars known for their looks to have a fresh and flawless face. With that comes some very expensive – and bizarre – treatments
Mila Kunis is known for her beautiful natural look, and she might have diamond and rubies to thank for that! Yes, you heard right! Mila apparently got a $7,000 Diamond and Ruby Peel before the première of her film  Friends with Benefits! The next one is a even stranger and we have chosen not to share a picture of this (but feel free to look it up, as long as you’re not scared of blood) as it might be upsetting. The Vampire Facial is the new cool facial treatment in Hollywood and celebrities like Kim Kardashian have fans of this one for a while. For $1,500 you’re the lucky winner of a facial that takes blood from you armpit, shakes it up a bit and then injects it back into your skin. No, we are not joking. This is a real thing!

We do of course also have some nice facials and creams that don’t involve blood or diamonds – we even have some amazing prices on luxury skincare brands like La Prairie which is another celebrity favourite – Angelina Jolie is said to be a huge fan of their products. See our full stock of skincare products here.


3. Hair
Any hairdresser will tell you that hair is an art. That might be why celebrities are willing to pay a  lot of cash for the perfect haircut. Handsome ex-footballer David Beckham is well know for his always fashionable haircuts and they don’t come cheap. David is on a contract with a British hair company and allegedly pays around £4000 per cut!
Rihanna is another celebrity with an expensive taste in haircare. She is said to spend up almost £15,000 A WEEK on her hair! This includes washing, styling, cuts and of course colouring. Why that much you might ask? Well, to her stylist is apparently paid about £2000 per day. Maybe we should change careers… Last but not least is the beautiful Anne Hathaway. Her haircut in the musical Les Miserables cost (hold on to something heavy) a shocking £5,500,000! This was of course not what she actually paid at the hairdressers but what she was paid to cut off her beautiful hair for the role of Cosette in the film.

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