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3 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Perfume Bottle Isn't it annoying when that lovely perfume just can't seem to stay on? This week we're bringing you 3 amazing tips for making your fav fragrance last longer. The longevity of a fragrance can depend on a lot of different things, like the concentration of perfume oil (always go for an Eau de Parfum if you want a strong scent) the quality of the blend and your skin type. If you wear a certain scent often you might also become nose-blind to it, which can make you feel that it's not lasting very long. Before you try any of these

Summer Spirit Scents: 9 fragrances With Beautifully Boozy Notes

To celebrate the summer spirit we've compiled a list of our 9 favourite perfumes with notes of popular spirit like vodka, gin and rum. Perfect selections for a summer night out with cocktails! VODKA This Russian favourite is probably the best possible shape a potato can come in. The word vodka is derived from the slavik word for water which makes sense considering that the best bottles famously taste of pretty much nothing but refreshing water (...with a heart-warming finish). Although the clear spirit is not particularly known for its scent, there is a surprisingly big number of fragrances for

3 Cosmetic Combos That Will Change Your Beauty Routine!

Untitled-1 How long have you been searching for the perfect product? How many drugstore aisles have you wandered aimlessly in search of THE ONE, how much money spent on expensive, pronouncedly mediocre all-in-one products that were close enough but never quite what you wanted? The impression persists that in the colourful and ever-evolving world of make-up it is basically impossible to stick to just one product in order to achieve the best result. So rather than trying to squeeze your uniqueness into one tub of wonder paste, compliment your skin with a combination of products that match your personal beauty needs!