3 Cosmetic Combos That Will Change Your Beauty Routine!

How long have you been searching for the perfect product? How many drugstore aisles have you wandered aimlessly in search of THE ONE, how much money spent on expensive, pronouncedly mediocre all-in-one products that were close enough but never quite what you wanted? The impression persists that in the colourful and ever-evolving world of make-up it is basically impossible to stick to just one product in order to achieve the best result. So rather than trying to squeeze your uniqueness into one tub of wonder paste, compliment your skin with a combination of products that match your personal beauty needs!
The art of cosmetic combining is as fun as it is rewarding. The rules are simple: Creativity is key and pretty much everything goes! Discover the endless possibilities of mixing together different products you might not have guessed would make a great couple.
So why not rely on all of your favourites to create your personal all-rounders that come with guaranteed quality on every level?
We have compiled a list of our 3 favourite product combinations for an all-round glamorous and hassle-free feel:

1) Skin(s)care?

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Guinot Matizone Shine Control Moisturizer + Bourjois Une Skin Matt Foundation + Lentheric Feather Finish Compact PowderCombined forces against oily skin

Not all things shiny are necessarily desirable…at least not when it comes to your skin! But fear not, shine-fighting warriors of oil-control! With a combination of these three mattifying products you can relax your damage control routine and shine for all the good reasons instead! Apply Guinot’s moisturizer on a freshly washed face and let absorb fully. Top up with the Matt foundation and finish with a thin layer of the Lentheric Feather Finish or any other light powder for natural coverage and a lasting matte finish.

2) Highlighter Hack

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair BalmLancome Cosmetics Ellipse Eyeshadow 1.3g Infra Gold 05 + Sunkissed Glimmer Bronzing Powder = Custom-made Highlighter for a glorious glow

Oh the wonderful things a highlighter can do to your face! One of the key products of modern cosmetics, this subtle but effectual tool rarely comes cheap. But instead of spending lots of money on a single product, you should treat yourself to a new eye shadow instead and get the highlighter completely free if you’re in possession of any lip care product! Just mix some lip butter or lip balm with a little bit of golden eye shadow (we’ve used Lancome) and highlight away like you usually would. Top up with some Sunkissed shimmering Bronzing Powder for a fabulous glow and definition!

3) Bold is Gold

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Rochas Lip Contouring Pencil 1.2g – 56 Brick Red + Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick Rouge + Lipcote Lipstick Sealer = Hassle-free & lasting dark lips

It is no wonder dark or bright lipstick has become associated with terror and fear – who isn’t terrified of smudged and messy lips when going bold? There is few things more stressful than donning a dark lip – but even fewer things more glamorous! We have can assure you that there is nothing scary about bold lips if you wear them right!  Simply follow these simple rules for super long lasting, smudge-free lip colour: Pencil in all of your lips with a good quality lip pencil that matches the colour of your chosen lipstick (when in doubt go for slightly darker!), apply 2 layers of lip colour on top of it and carefully remove excess colour by kissing a tissue. Finish off the look with Lipstick sealer and let dry fully – No stains, no worries!

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