Summer Spirit Scents: 9 fragrances With Beautifully Boozy Notes

To celebrate the summer spirit we’ve compiled a list of our 9 favourite perfumes with notes of popular spirit like vodka, gin and rum. Perfect selections for a summer night out with cocktails!


This Russian favourite is probably the best possible shape a potato can come in. The word vodka is derived from the slavik word for water which makes sense considering that the best bottles famously taste of pretty much nothing but refreshing water (…with a heart-warming finish). Although the clear spirit is not particularly known for its scent, there is a surprisingly big number of fragrances for men and women with a vodka note.

For Her: Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio


This floral-fruity female fragrance from Giorgio Armani combines a hearty vodka note with floral accords such as peony, lily of the valley and jasmine and fruity notes of crips pineapple, zesty lemon and soft peach. According to Armani himself, he took inspiration for this fragrance from a holiday on the mediterranean island of Pantelleria. His aim was to transfer the freedom of long and lazy days of late summer into his composition – and we think it worked!

For Her: DKNY DKNY Women


The DKNY signature scent is pretty much exactly what we’d imagine Carrie from Sex & The City to smell like! A chilly vodka note is accompanied by unusual ingredients like tomato leaf, orange juice, water lily, birch and tulip – as exciting as New York City itself!

For Him: Carolina Herrera VIP 212 Men


Carolina Herrera’s VIP collection was designed as the ultimate party fragrance collection and it is hence no surprise that many of the perfumes in it contain some boozy notes. VIP 212 Men lifts the spirit with a prominent vodka note to which notes of passion fruit, mint, lime, pepper and leather are added. The resulting scent-sation takes the wearer on a mental trip to Ibiza’s dance floors!


Gin has recently become more and more popular especially amongst the younger generations. The unmistakable juniper aroma of this national treasure is especially popular in combination with Tonic  water and citrus fruits which is also reflected in the perfume compositions containing this note.

For Her & Him: CK One Summer 2015


The summer edition of the 2015 CK ONE fragrance can be seen as an ultimate ode to a Gin and Tonic: including notes of lemon, lime, cucumber, tonic, gin and juniper almost every single ingredient we would find in our favourite drink is also included in this summer scent! Similar to the drink it is based on, the fragrance finishes with a warm feeling transmitted by its base notes of star anise. musk, patchouli and amber.

For Him: Davidoff The Game


With a casino chip bottle design and its gin note, this Davidoff fragrance triggers images of Bond-esque Vegas scenes with suited gentlemen slurping away on their gin Martinis whilst the roulette wheel rattles in the background. Together with precious wood notes, juniper berry and iris this scent is anything but ordinary!

For Her & Him: Bond No 9 Brooklyn


Sticking with the Bond-theme we proudly present this gin-centred fragrance from prestigious US perfumers Bond No 9. Gin generally being considered the favourite drink of the Brooklyn hipster, this fragrance is extremely topical and as a plus smells super awesome! The oriental spicy perfume with notes of cypress, cardamom, juniper, leather, cedar, grape fruit and geranium is definitely one of our gin favourites!


Aye, a rum note is almost as popular as it is delicious! Not just pirates enjoy rum-based cocktails, the famous sugar cane juice is the perfect base for any summer drink or fragrance that brings the Caribbean sun to domestic shores!

For Her: Tom Ford Velvet Orchid


In 2014 Tom Ford managed to make his extremely popular scent Black Orchid even more irresistible by adding a rum note to it! Velvet Orchid also comes with a sweet honey note, warm Vanilla, subtle citrus notes and a multifaceted floral bouquet. With this oriental floral fragrance Tom Ford brought us the potentially classiest variant of a rum scent!

For Him: Joop! Homme Wild


The small (and wild) sibling of Joop!’s famous 80s scent Joop! Homme was developed specifically for the exciting man who likes it wild. A strong rum note is combined with notes of pink pepper, white tobacco and wood brings to mind rum-diets, gun powder and timber planks – would Jack Sparrow exist in the 21st Century we are sure this would be his signature scent!

For Her & Him: Creed Virgin Island Water


The well-respected English perfume manufacturer Creed put the Caribbean in a bottle with the release of their Virgin Island Water in 2007! Inspired by a trip there, the composition is introduced with a fresh citrus top note which slowly develops a scent profile of sweet coconut and spicy rum – a Malibu-inspired masterpiece!

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