5 Heatproof Make-up Essentials

5 Essentials for Heatproof Make-up Blog

It’s starting to get really hot and we all need to take precautions against the sun, but if you’re beauty fan like us you also want to make sure your make-up stays in place the whole day! We have created a little guide with 5 heatproof products that you simply can’t live without this summer!

First of all it’s important to have a perfect base for your make-up. We recommend that you start your summer days off with a good scrub and why not do it in style? Grab this great exfoliator from Guinot from their professional skincare range and prep you skin for the warm days ahead.

Next up you’re going to need some moisture. We’ve picked out this amazing Decleor Aroma Lisse Energising Smoothing Cream with SPF 15 to make sure to protect that pretty face of yours. This cream will help smoothing your skin, making it the perfect start for your make-up routine.

Now that your face is prepared it’s time to find the perfect make-up! Revlon aren’t just known for their popular Colorburst lip crayons, they are also famous for their great foundations. The Nearly Naked Foundation is a great base for when the weather is too warm to wear anything heavy. The coverage is light to medium and it also contains has SPF 20 so you can wear it out in the sun without having to worry.

Just to stay in the sun protection lane, we’ve found the best concealer we could. The Studio Finish concealer from MAC Cosmetics has a SPF of 35 which is perfect for the sensitive area under your eyes. It’s also a high coverage, long lasting concealer making it ideal for those scorching days when your face is almost melting off!

Last but not least we have the perfect mascara for hot weather. It is of course waterproof, but not just any mascara! It’s the False Lash Effect from Max Factor. This little guy has been a staple of any make-up enthusiast’s collection for years. It gives both volume and length, while the waterproof formula makes it stay on all day.

Just a little tip: If you’re looking for the now discontinued Max Factor foundation Pan Stik we have plenty in stock right here!

NB! Even though most of these products have SPF, it is still extremely important to protect the rest of your body! You can see our entire assortment of sun care products right here: https://www.perfume-click.co.uk/c/Sunscreens-%2526-Sunblocks/

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