5 Festival Style Tips

The always-exciting festival season is over us and that calls for new bright trends! Going to a festival isn’t just about the music, your friends and some good time in the sun. For some of us, it’s also about the style! If you’re not sure how to style yourself this season, then look no further! We present to you our 5 Festival Style Tips:


1. Braids and plaids!

Braids are everywhere this summer and we completely understand! It’s such an easy way to make your hair look super cute and at the same time get it out of your face. So it doesn’t matter if you love halo braids, french braids or a plait instead of bangs – it’s all in fashion! Remember to bring a hairspray with extra strong hold so it will last all day!



2. Nail Art!

Nail art is always fun, but not everyone can rock funky nails all year around. At festivals anything goes, so why not go all in with a cool design this season? We have a wide range of brands and nail polish finishes right here: https://www.perfume-click.co.uk/c/Nail-Care/


3. Waterproof Make Up!

We already made a blog post about heat proof make up this summer and festivals are not an exception! If you’re lucky the sun will shine on you pretty face all day. So make sure to keep yourself and your skin hydrated, choose products with SPF and bring that waterproof mascara! See our blog post on heatproof makeup for more tips!


4. The Red Lip!

If you’ve seen any spring/summer fashion shows this year, you will have seen the very trendy red lip. The picture above is for example from the Victoria Beckham show with the beautiful model sporting a coral red shade. We have a quite amazing lipgloss on our mind that’s perfect for the festival season. https://www.perfume-click.co.uk/Fusion-Beauty-Lip-Fusion-InFATuation-Liquid-Plumping-Lipstick-5.4g-_-Screen-Siren-s26095/


5. Sun protection!

Something that’s really in fashion is to NOT have a sunburn. We all enjoy getting a tan over the summer, but to end up with burned shoulders or face is never fun and can even be quite dangerous! We recommend always using sun cream, no matter how long you’re staying out in the sun! We have a huge selection of all sorts of SPF – there are no excuses! https://www.perfume-click.co.uk/c/Sunscreens-%2526-Sunblocks/

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