5 Beauty Hacks You Can’t Live Without

1. Scotch Tape!
If you are going for a smokey eye or just a heavier eye look, scotch tape is you friend! Align the scotch tape from the outer corner of your eye up to the end of your eyebrow in order to make a sharp line, which will make your eye-shadow look flawless.

2. Make your eyes look bigger
If you are unhappy with the size of your eyes, then we have the perfect trick for you. Use a nude eye-liner in you water line to give your eyes a bigger look. If you have really fair skin, you can also use a white eye-liner.

3. Clean Those Brushes
It is very important that you keep your make-up brushes clean! Not only is it important for hygiene (all those bacteria is not what you want on you face) but it also to ensure a clean and even make-up look. Shampoos is not always good enough to really clean the brushes, so choose a waterproof make-up remover and dip you brushes and sponges in them before rinsing under water. Repeat until the water is clear.

4. Go for the Natural Glow
Apply a warm pink blush to your cheeks before you foundation to create a natural glow. This is especially suited for the everyday look, or if you are not used to apply blusher and would like to avoid looking like you have just left the clown store.

5. Don’t Pump It!
The worst thing you can do with a mascara is to pump the wand to get more mascara on in. This just make the mascara go dry faster, because you are pumping air in to the tube. You should instead use circular motions to pick up more product.

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