5 Grapefruit Summer Scents That Will Make You Look 6 Years Younger!

Fragrances don’t just make us smell good, they can also trigger emotions. We associate certain things with certain scents: Vanilla is described as a very seductive scent and is hence commonly found in heavier evening fragrances. Fresher citrus scents often mimic energy and activity and are known to uplift our mood. According to a study by Dr Alan Hirsch, an American neurologist and psychiatrist specialising in scent loss, perfume can have a huge influence on how its wearer is perceived by his or her surroundings. In his scent study, around 40 men and women were asked to guess each others’ age whilst being exposed to different smells. The research found that men judged middle aged women wearing pink grapefruit scents around 6 years younger! Interestingly scents like lavender or banana had no effect on male judgement and women were completely unfazed by any scent in their perception of the men’s age.

Grapefruit notes are especially popular in the warmer months of the year. Our calender tells us that we have now officially entered summer and we think it’s about time to get out the fresh and fruity scent sensations that will help us look extra glamorous and youthful this season! We are proud to present our 5 favourite summer fragrances with a grapefruit note that will make your summer 2016 sooo 2010!

Hermes- Un Jardin Sur Le Nil



This floral fruity Hermés masterpiece is the most popular fragrance in the Jardin collection which is no surprise considering its finely balanced ingredients and complex but beautiful composition. The fresh grapefruit note sits on top of a floral base of peony, hyazinth and lotus and deep notes of iris, cinnamon, musk and incense linger on the base of this exotic fragrance. Famous nose Jean-Claude Ellena was reportedly inspired by the garden islands of the Nile at Assouan and with Un Jardin Sur Le Nil he takes us on a fragrant voyage through the Egyptian countryside!

Ralph Lauren- Big Pony 1 for Women



The first fragrance from Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony collection for women is the perfect scent for those lazy hazy days of summer. The dominant grapefruit accord is accompanied by a delicate lotus note which gives the citrus scent a softer edge. This spritzy and fresh summer fragrance is fun and elegant and as such a great crowd pleaser during the warm summer months!

DKNY- Summer 2013 Women Limited Edition



This limited edition DKNY summer fragrance is hard to come by but if you come across a bottle we recommend to run for it as this is one of our favourite grapefruit scents! A spicy ginger note gives the top of this floral fruity summer fragrance its zing which is softened down by a delicious middle note of raspberry, orange blossom, lily of the valley and cyclamen sitting on a quiet musk note in the base. The fun Keith Haring design of the bottle also makes it a show stopper on the fragrance shelf – snap it up now before it’s gone forever!

Mäurer & Wirtz – 4711 Acqua Colonia Pink Pepper & Grapefruit


If you think “old lady fragrance” when you hear 4711, think again, because the Pink Pepper & Grapefruit Cologne from this collection is the essence of youthfulness! It was created to uplift the spirit and inspired by the scents of the South American rain forest. The zesty-fresh composition contains exactly what the name suggests: pink pepper & grapefruit. This combination of high quality and raw ingredients is a real winner when it comes to making those summer days count!

Clinique – Happy


As its name suggests, this famous Clinique fragrance was inspired by a sunny morning and the aim to make its wearer happy! This is achieved by a mix of grapefruit and citrus notes with fragrant flowers and a mellow base of amber and musk. The fragrance famously featured in the 2001 hit comedy “Legally Blonde”, where it is shown on the dresser of Reese Witherspoon’s character Elle Woods. Just like Elle, any woman who wears Happy will see each day as an endless pool of opportunity – and look fabulously fresh and rejuvenated conquering it!

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