Halloween Fragrances To Die For…

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Halloween by Jesus Del Pozo
If we’re talking Halloween perfumes, it’s impossible to ignore the original frightful fragrance. Halloween turns 19 this year but it’s still as entrancing as ever. The scent seduces with soft and powdery florals, incense and vanilla for a mysterious and enticing vibe that will be perfect for the Halloween party. Click here to see the full Halloween Collection.

Fame by Lady Gaga
No one does Halloween better than Lady Gaga – after all she has rocked some pretty scary looks, like the infamous meat dress as well as a skeleton in the video for the song Born This Way. In 2012 Lady Gaga launched Fame – an oriental concoction of the poisonous Belladonna flower and honey drops. The mysterious dark liquid is very unusual for a perfume. Don’t worry though, the scent goes completely clear on your skin and doesn’t leave stains or marks! Interested? See our full stock of Fame by Lady Gaga here.

Killer Queen by Katy Perry
This powerful yet playful fragrance comes in a striking ruby-shaped bottle that goes really well with the scary season. Notes of wild berries and dark plum give off a sticky sweet yet twisted vibe that will take your Halloween costume to the next level. As the song said – “guaranteed to blow your mind, every time!” Get an amazing price on the Eau de Parfum here.

Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein is another Perfume-Click favourite. We love the addictive hypnotic blend of Brazilian green mandarin, guarana and absinthe. The woody and aromatic heart of French clary sage, fir resin and white vetiver drives us crazy and the base of Madagascar vanilla bean, suede and labdanum will be enough to make you want to sink our teeth in whoever wears it, in a good way! https://www.perfume-click.co.uk/Calvin-Klein-Dark-Obsession-Eau-de-Toilette-75ml-Spray-s27289/

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