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Many brands have whole collections of fragrances where they are all very different and you will be lucky if you like more than 1 or 2. Then there are brands that have collections where all the fragrances are almost the same… and then we have DKNY!

DKNY is the brand behind Pure – a collection of amazing fragrances that have become extremely popular among perfume lovers. The collection consists of 3 fragrances; DKNY A Drop of Vanilla, Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose and Pure DKNY Verbena. As the title of the collection suggests, these 3 fragrances each focus on one main note:

Pure DKNY A Drop of Vanilla is different in the sense of it being a bit more complex fragrance. While it does indeed make you think about vanilla, it is not in the overly sweet dessert kind of way. The vanilla note is combined with sandalwood, lotus, dew drop, jasmine, amber, orchid, rose and freesia for a beautifully fresh and clean scent.

Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose is a beautiful floral fragrance that takes you to a beautiful flower garden in the spring. It contains roses surrounded by verbena, magnolia, cedar, black currant and cedar. It is the perfect elegant and feminine fragrance for anyone who loves the smell of flowers.

Pure DKNY Verbena was discontinued for a short while, but is now back in business. Even though it did disappear for a while, it was never forgotten by the perfume lovers and the fragrance ended up being one of our best-selling fragrances this winter. The notes are a mix of verbena, basil, seaweed, vetiver, peony, honeysuckle, jasmine and amber which creates a beautifully fresh everyday scent that you simply have to try.

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