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International Women’s Day: Remembering Estée Lauder’s Leading Ladies

SARAH Today we're celebrating International Women's Day by honouring all the amazing women in our lives! This occasion calls for a blog post dedicated to two of the most inspirational women who have lived to shape the cosmetic industry: Estée and Evelyn Lauder! Estée Lauder Born to Eastern European immigrants, Estée Lauder grew up in Queens (NYC) where her uncle, a Chemist, introduced her to the world of cosmetics by showing her how to mix oils and creams to create new products. What started off with playful mixing sessions in the parental garage soon turned into serious business and the pair

Unisex/Genderless Fragrances – The Scent of the Future?

How do we decide what products are for women and what are for men? Surely a man should be able to use a perfume just because it says “roses” on it and why would a woman not want to wear a lovely fragrance just because it is branded as “for men”? While most brands still market their products to 2 different genders, more and more brands such as Tom Ford, Jo Malone and Calvin Klein have embraced Unisex - focusing instead on producing quality scents without putting limits on who can use it. CK One ( by Calvin Klein is

Red Carpet Royalty : Our Top 10 Timeless Oscars Looks

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be awarding the world's most famous film prize for the 88th time on 28th February. The prestigious ceremony is one of the biggest yearly events that summons herds of Hollywood A-listers to the Dolby Theatre in LA. Making a good impression on the red carpet seems almost as important as winning one of the coveted golden trophies and neither costs nor efforts will be spared in order to shine brighter than Donald Trump's fake smile. Below we have compiled a list of our 10 favourite red carpet styles of all time

April Fool’s – You Won’t Believe These Fake Fragrances!

burger king fragrance Tomorrow is the first of April and we've listed some of our favourite fragrance-related April Fool's Pranks below. Sadly, we have don't have any of these hoax scents in stock, but our Special Offers are so good that you won't believe they're real. They are though, promise! 3. Angst -The smell of Coldplay Coldplay, one of the biggest bands in the world, raised a few eyebrows some years ago when they claimed they were launching their own fragrance, Angst. "This is something we've wanted to do for a long time," claimed singer Chris Martin. "People like to smell nice and

One Direction

Four years ago, five fresh looking young boys showed up to audition for the X-factor. They all impressed the judges, were put together as a band and became more successful than anyone could have foreseen. Except Simon Cowell of course, who smelled money from the second he saw the boys' audition tapes. Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis - all names with five letters or less to leave room for more hearts on the posters which girls bring to the concerts - decided on the name One Direction and have since the X-factor days released three albums and toured all

#Selfie or not to #Selfie….that is the Question

When I first started writing this blog, 18 months or so ago I didn't really know where to start, what I was doing or how best to go about it. Nor did I ever, ever expect to write about the story I'm about to tell you today. But it is one I am immensely proud of and what’s more is a hot topic of conversation in the beauty world at the moment, therefore I feel it is only my duty and immense pride to share it. For the full story please check out the following link in the Lancaster Guardian

Make you Mother’s Mother’s Day!

I was pondering over breakfast this morning as to what I should write my next blog on – I even asked my Mum what she thought – and then it came to me. There is simply nothing more meaningful and special as the very woman who was sat in front of me – and in light of Mother's Day being just around the corner, I thought I would dedicate today's blog to my favourite and mopst treasured woman in my life ever – that being my fabulous, brilliant wonderful mother. Oh – and whilst I'm at it I thought I

How Perfume can speak volumes….not just in the bottle!

You know when you wake up in a morning - do you, like me, reach for the very first scent that your half blearly vision can see, reassured in the knowledge that you will at least be smelling of something other than fresh air for the day ahead - or, do you actually think about what message you want to give off and choose your scent accordingly?  Yes, that's right - it isn't just indulgences like tea and coffee, or zodiac signs that determine what kind of girl (or boy!) that you are - oh no.  Welcome to a whole

Passion for Perfume – but Why?

♥ Valentine's Day ♥ is slowly creeping up on us and if you're like me you'll be starting to feel the pressure round about now – what to buy? Do you buy anything at all? Or do you share the opinion with many others that it is over rated commercialism and one should never be sucked in to being told when to be 'the most romantic' – and is buying a teddy bear, a paper bag that I saw in a well known card shop last night for £5 (!!!!!), chocolates and a mug – is that what defines romantic now??

Beauty Secret #1 – Serum is believing!

Serum. I know.  Bet you're asking the same questions as I did - what is it?  Why is it good?  Where should it be used?  Is it not for the hair?! There are loads of different types out there, is it not just one of those unnecessary expenses that shops are constantly promoting to make you spend yet more pennies?  Well, surprisingly, no.  And I'll tell you for why.....(in my best Bryn voice from Gavin and Stacey).  You all know about face cream - again there are several thousand out there but it is relatively easy to work out which