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Get The Easter Look!

To celebrate Easter coming up we've put together an easy and fun make-up look - let's jump right into it! Like always you will want to start with a base. As Spring is just around the corner we'l be going for an radiant and light base. Dab the Nip + Fab CC Cream on your face with a stippling brush or a complexion sponge. Let's forgo the concealer today and brighten up your face by using one of our holy grail products: the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. Lightly fill in your eyebrows to ensure everything looks put together. Now

5 Great Hairstyles for Men…

...And how to create them. 1. Long hair. If you've grown it out on purpose, or just couldn't be bothered going to get it cut, you need to take care of your long hair. First of all, get yourself a good shampoo and a good conditioner to make sure your long locks stay clean and healthy... but why stop there? Try using a leave in mask once a week, you will see the difference! How: Just don't cut the length! Remember that conditioner and leave in cream should only be used in the length, and not the roots, to avoid

Make Your Own Room Scents!

Wouldn't it be great if your home could smell like your favourite fragrance? Here a simple way to turn any scent or essence you like into an all-natural long-lasting room scent gel with ingredients most people have at home! Here's how to go about it: 1. Grab your favourite scent, essence or flower extract. You'll also need a gelatin (1 ounce), a tablespoon of regular salt as well as a nice glass jar to house your scent! 2. Boil a cup of water in a pan. Slowly work gelatin into the boiling water and stir until the gelatin has dissolved

Dry Shampoo – How Does It Work?

Dry Shampoo, well what an amazing product that has come to our attention... the experts say we should not wash our hair every day, but if I leave mine it become greasy (have you got the same problem?) so this is where dry shampoo comes in as the knight in shining amour.  Not only can I spray my hair and style it as usually, I also get to have an extra 10 minutes in bed as I don’t need to shampoo, conditioner and then dry my hair in the mornings ;0) well, two-three time as week anyway. So how does

The Gloves are off!!…..

Manicure It has come to my attention that there is something unusual about the weather at the moment.  No, not the cold, bitter feeling that you get when you step outside to go to work at some ungodly hour, or the sad news of the storms happening in America.  The thing I refer to is yellow, bright, requires an application of glasses on one's face and can often be found surrounded by blue sky! Yes, of course, the thing I refer to is the sunshine! This can only mean one thing - Spring is finally around the corner and the smell

Banish those Winter Blues with Our Homemade Acne Remedies!

Is it just me or is winter bad for us for more than one reason? Not only does it make it twice as hard to get out of bed, spirits are low because you feel like you never see daylight unless staring out of the office window, the need to wear so many layers that you start to feel like the Michelin man and becoming a hermit because its just too cold, wet and miserable to leave the house. I don't know about you but I also have a series of unwelcome visitors inhabiting my skin – even though I

Be your Own Facialist!

A slightly late but heartfelt Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you had a lovely and sparkly festive time - please tell me that it isn't just me who feels like it was ages ago now??  How you all doing with your resolutions?  Come on, be honest, how many of you have fallen off the bandwagon already?  I am proud to update you about one of my resolutions from last year - the fact that I was going to start a skincare regime - and although it has taken me the best part of the year I have managed

5 Ways to thicker, fuller hair – Perfect for the Party Season!

November is just around the corner (I know - HOW?!) and party season will be here before we know it - this means that now is the time to take stock and start to carry out work on those obvious areas that will be on show for most of the month to come - we all need a bit of body! A bit of ooomph in the hair. That's “root lift” to you and me : the one thing that lifts the face and makes hair look bouncy and youthful. Want to know how to get it? Well read on.....Shampoo

Love your Lips – get the Perfect Party Pout!

Is your ultimate beauty wish to be more like Angelina Jolie, in the lip department at least? I don't know about you but I often neglect my lips – ironically the one beauty product I have most of in my collection are lip glosses – I think the reason I have so many is because I forget to use them – I am all about the eyes, although there are several areas there too that I could do with brushing up on. In any case, back to the point in hand – I have been spending a bit of time

It’s all about Matte Make Up!

The time has come - summer is ending, the leaves are falling and the nights are getting longer - whilst all that is happening on the outside it doesn't mean you can get lazy and allow things to settle on the inside.  Oh no.  Quite the opposite!!  Now is the time to make some room on your dresser - it is time to put all your shiny, sparkling beauty secrets to one side because this autumn the trend is definitely all about matte. The matte shades have taken the beauty world by storm.  If you're a fashionista then you will