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Guest Blog #2 – Once Upon my Smile

I recently wrote a guest blog for my lovely friend at Once Upon my Smile and she kindly returned the favour - and here is the final result - enjoy! The nature of my blog is to create smiles. Not with huge expensive gestures or anything like that but from doing simple everyday things to make people smile. This can be friends and family as well as people I've never met. The blog also looks into the things that make me smile and this for you is one of those. When one of my primary school friends asked me to

Guest Blog #1 – Victoria’s Vintage Fashion & Beauty Blog

How to get a 50's style party make up look A traditional, old school 50's glamour look is perfect for a 2012 Christmas or New Years party. The 1950's meant a revolution in womens make up products and trends, and ladies worldwide wanted to create that Hollywood movie star look. This look included big doe eyes; with sexy eyeliner flicks, red hot lips, and a perfect complexion. I've put together a little guide as to how you can create your own 50's style look, by using Perfume Click cosmetics. To start off with, you need a base for your make