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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone you simply can’t go wrong with one of our lovely gift sets or a bottle of your love’s signature scent. Romance and perfume have gone hand in hand for a long time and we’ve put together a list of fantastic fragrances and gift sets in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Fragrances for Women: Anna Sui Dolly Girl Gift Set Miniature Coffret 5 x 4ml The Dolly Girl gift set is perfect if you aren’t particularly sure

3 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Beauty Habits

We've all seen them on the red carpet with their flawless skin and perfect manicures; the amount of time and money that celebrities spend on their beauty can be hard to even grasp for us “common people”. To give a little insight we have made a list of the most exclusive and expensive celebrity beauty habits, prepare to have your jaw drop! 1. Manicures Ever see those amazing nails on the red carpet and curse while looking down at your own chipped mess? The nails of the rich & famous looks amazing but they don't come cheap! Stars like Kelly

5 Great Hairstyles for Men…

...And how to create them. 1. Long hair. If you've grown it out on purpose, or just couldn't be bothered going to get it cut, you need to take care of your long hair. First of all, get yourself a good shampoo and a good conditioner to make sure your long locks stay clean and healthy... but why stop there? Try using a leave in mask once a week, you will see the difference! How: Just don't cut the length! Remember that conditioner and leave in cream should only be used in the length, and not the roots, to avoid

5 Scents Women Love on Men

Blog Banner Looking for a way to charm the ladies? Our sense of smell is deeply connected to emotions, and a nice cologne can be a great way to attract women. We've checked with our female colleagues, our customers and the almighty internet and found the 5 top fragrances women love to smell on men! Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess A woody and aromatic scent which isn't too heavy. It's fresh, long lasting and contains notes of citrus caviar, pepper and wood. Great for the first date. Not too forward, but she will remember you. In three words: Legendary, Clean and

Female and Male Scents – Is There A Difference?

Fragrance Swap-2 There are many different genres of fragrance but the most common divider is the one between men and women. Most fragrances are marketed to one gender in particular, even though there are unisex exceptions. However, you'd be surprised how many guys choose to wear scents marketed for women and vice versa. For example, Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne apparently wears Tom Ford's Black Orchid for Women! As any perfume aficionado will tell you smells don't have a gender and scents tend to play quite differently on male and female skin. We really recommend trying the opposites sex fragrance if one tickles

5 Tips For A Perfect Shave

Considering that most men shave almost every day, it's surprising how many don't really know what they're doing. Irritated red skin, razor burn, breakouts, ingrown hairs and itching from shaving can all be avoided with the use of proper products and a few easy lessons in proper shaving technique. Follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to becoming a true master shaver! 1: It's NOT About The Razor We've all seen the adverts but regardless of how cool they make it seem the “new power-ultra-control-astronaut razor with 15 blades” isn't actually the key to a good shave.