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The best summer scent for YOU! – Part two

So my last blog was all about perfume strengths and notes, this one will look at perfume categories and which one might suit you. Fragrances are placed in categories according to gender and scent profile. Most fragrances are either for men or women, but there are quite a few unisex ones on the market as well. Fragrances are also divided into Fragrance Families or Perfume Category as they are sometimes called. When searching on perfume-Click for a fragrance you can look at the left hand side, at the bottom, here you can choose Floral, Woody, Fresh, Aromatic or Oriental as

Make you Mother’s Mother’s Day!

I was pondering over breakfast this morning as to what I should write my next blog on – I even asked my Mum what she thought – and then it came to me. There is simply nothing more meaningful and special as the very woman who was sat in front of me – and in light of Mother's Day being just around the corner, I thought I would dedicate today's blog to my favourite and mopst treasured woman in my life ever – that being my fabulous, brilliant wonderful mother. Oh – and whilst I'm at it I thought I

Which Perfume makes the Perfect Christmas Gift for your Woman?!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.......Jingle All the Way.....Oh What Fun it is to Ride on a One Horse open Sleigh........*continue humming* .....thinking about that song and my wish list its a good job that Santa has now upgraded his transport options as one horse would NOT be enough to pull all my presents!  Not that I am materialistic, I promise you I'm not - it just so happens that I have been a very, very good girl!  Honest! I am off for a girly weekend with my besties for lots of giggles, a little bit of wine, some Christmas shopping and

Which Perfume makes the Perfect Christmas Present….for a MAN??!

You know what, nothing tickles my senses more than a nice smelling man. No, really – I have walked down a street before and caught a whiff of something delicious or a familiar smell and had to fight the urge to either hug him tight for a long time to inhale the fragrance, or chase after him just because I somehow, quite bizarrely, feel I should strike up a conversation as we have a connection of some sort. I understand that the above sentence sounds a bit ridiculous, honestly I do. But for me its not all about looks –

Get Your Skin Gorgeous for Summer

Slipping into a bikini after a winter of onesies can be pretty nerve-wracking and along with lovely sunshine, summer brings a whole new batch of beauty bothers.  The question is - are you prepared??  All it takes is a little TLC in the skin department to get you feeling beach beautiful and don't worry - I am here to help!  Most people's budgets don't stretch to expensive body blitzing treatments (I know mine certainly doesn't!) so I've spent some time seeking out those extra special do-it-all products that will give us a boost we need without breaking the bank. The

Spring up your Wardrobe with a Scent That Matches Your Style

Ok, lets get straight to the point. Who of you out there are fashionistas ? You can't go a week without following the latest Glamour, Marie Claire and Vogue on twitter or you have a subsciption to all their magazines and more ? You have the latest oversized Mulberry handbag, the biggest sunglasses you can find and where them almost every day, no matter what the season ? Then come winter the wardrobe is completely transformed, the Ugg Boots come out, far too much money is spent and you start to layer up – remaining trendy at all times. Well if that sounds

Spring has Sprung!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!  Apologies for the unconventional greeting but I must share my excitement with you - that same feeling that I seem to share with a lot of people on twitter - that is the excitement of being able to look out of the window and after several gloomy, miserable, grey months the sun is shining, the skies are blue and all is well in the world.  Ok so I may still be wearing 4 layers but that isn't the point - the sun makes everything look and feel better - gone is the grumpiness, the frustration and annoyance of the

A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved…….

Hello on this sunny Friday afternoon!!  How are you?  Ready for yet another dose of weekend?  Know I am - I love it when Friday springs upon me without me even noticing.  Sometimes it even pokes me or tickles me I've been so prioritised by other things!  This Friday is quite a significant one though especially for you men (I'm sorry but what I am about to talk about for the very last time is predominantly to keep the lady in your life sweet) as it is the last weekend before Valentine's Day - probably the last opportunity to arrange

Spot the Men from the Boys this Valentines Day……

With Valentine's around the corner, it's time to start thinking about gifts (unless you're P and I in which case we'll be taking the challenge of being as romantic as possible as cheaply as possible - I love a challenge - get out the shoestring!) for your other half. Until recently I noticed that P had a very, very limited collection of fragrances - I'm talking 1 or 2 - so I've spent the last few years rectifying that situation and now he has a collection that even David Beckham would be proud of!  It helps working where I do! 

All Because the Lady Loves…

Good Afternoon to you!  Hope you're well and wrapped up warm - apparently we're in for another dose of the 'S' that I mean snow, nothing else that you may have thought about!!  I'm sure the country won't take longer than 2 seconds to go into complete chaos!  Oh - so cynical aren't I?!  Now we've finally managed to close the door to January for another year we can focus on other more positive times ahead - my two particular favourites are Valentine's Day as i am a soft, soppy romantic at heart - and also Pancake Day!!  I