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Get Glammy for The Grammys – 4 Artist Fragrances

Grammys The 58th Annual Grammy Awards is just around the corner and we're definitely excited! From tributes to some of the amazing musicians we have lost the past year, to beautiful dresses and handsome men.. We can't wait! In the name of the Grammy Awards we want to show you how some of the performers of this years show aren't just great performers, but that they know how to make us smell wonderful as well! Taylor Swift Taylor is a woman we can't get around when we're talking Grammys. With 7 (!) of the statuettes on her shelf and numerous performances

#Selfie or not to #Selfie….that is the Question

When I first started writing this blog, 18 months or so ago I didn't really know where to start, what I was doing or how best to go about it. Nor did I ever, ever expect to write about the story I'm about to tell you today. But it is one I am immensely proud of and what’s more is a hot topic of conversation in the beauty world at the moment, therefore I feel it is only my duty and immense pride to share it. For the full story please check out the following link in the Lancaster Guardian

The Battle of the Mascaras continues……

Good Morning!  Or good Afternoon if you're reading this in Australia or south of the equator.....I have an exciting development in my quest of a beauty apprentice to share with you and I can hopefully, for the first time since I started out, conclude one of the questions that I have spent months searching for the answer!  I know, exciting right? So a few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a Lancome mascara in a blog entitled 'Lancome Hypnose Drama – Review' where I made the bold statement that there was no better mascara on the market (for my

Put a Spring into this year’s Spring Clean

Following my blog about Spring scents it gave me an idea to share with you the small steps I have taken, like I do  around this time of year, every year, in my 'Operation Declutter' and give myself (my house can come later) a spring clean!  Now, understandably the temperatures are still single figures and the weather isn't exactly warm - but I have seen daffodils and lambs in the field so I can officially annouce that spring has arrived! Be honest, how many of those beauty products do you have cluttering up your dressing table and bathroom cabinets that

Fashion Week?? Its all About The Great British Biscuit Bake Off!

Hello, Good Afternoon and Happy Pancake Day!! What a good week – Pancake Day AND ♥ Valentine's Day in one week!! I'm not sure which I am most excited about? You know, until the other day I didn't actually know the full purpose behind Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday – I knew it signified Lent but the history behind it remained somewhat of a mystery to me. That isn't good, is it? As I'm sure all of you educated people are aware it is official known as Shrove Tuesday and is the day where the staple store cupboard ingredients are

Let it Burn, Burn, Burn………

A very Good Afternoon to you all!! Or rather should I say 'och aye a wee bonnie Good Afternoon to you all?!' For if you're a Scotsman (woman / child – delete as appropriate) then today is a jolly good reason for a bit of a knee's up – today is Burns Night. Burns Night I hear you shout........what on earth is that?? I have an Italian friend / colleague who was asking exactly the same question – what was it a celebration of and do you know what – I didn't actually know. I just know it to be