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Perfume Notes: What is Ambergris?

It's a scent note that pops up in nearly every perfume, either under the full name of Ambergris or the shortened Amber. But what is ambergris? A lot of notes come from flowers, herbs and other fairly normal materials but ambergris is in fact a secretion from the sperm whale. Some even call it whale vomit or poop but it's actually neither. The whale produces ambergris to protect its stomach from sharp bones of fish which it eats. The origins of this strange material is still a bit of a mystery since it is only 1% of the 350.000 sperm

The Big Mascara Guide

Today the world of mascara is so big that it can be hard to figure out what you need and what will be good for your lashes. In this blog post we'll try try to help you to get the straight, short or thin/sparse eyelashes to look like a million pounds – through the art of choosing the right mascara! Straight eyelashes: If you are one of many people with very straight eyelashes, it is important that you use an eyelash curler before using a mascara. While there is many mascaras that are made for curling the lashes such as

Product Tip: Eve Lom Cleanser

Who doesn't dream of perfectly soft and radiant skin? In our quest for the ultimate skin product we have browsed through countless magazine pages just to end up lost for choice in an endless array of products. Cult products with a lasting and outstanding reputation are hard to find – not very surprising in the face of all the new developments and products entering the market daily. Yves Saint Laurent's Touché Eclat is one of the very few examples of a beauty product with a lasting impact. The highlighter has been dominating the highlighter and concealer top lists around the

Parfilm! – Perfume and the Movies

After legendary director Stanley Kubrick (2001, Clockwork Orange, The Shining!) read the book Das Parfum (1985) by Patrick Süskind, he concluded that this was an "unfilmable novel." In 2006, Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run, 1998) accepted the challenge and showed the world that the combination of perfume and film is a winner! Another move that brought together the worlds of film and fragrance is the black-and-white classic "The Women" with Joan Crawford, which is based in a perfume shop. In this case it was a film inspired by perfume and the art of making it, but there are also perfumes

Female and Male Scents – Is There A Difference?

Fragrance Swap-2 There are many different genres of fragrance but the most common divider is the one between men and women. Most fragrances are marketed to one gender in particular, even though there are unisex exceptions. However, you'd be surprised how many guys choose to wear scents marketed for women and vice versa. For example, Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne apparently wears Tom Ford's Black Orchid for Women! As any perfume aficionado will tell you smells don't have a gender and scents tend to play quite differently on male and female skin. We really recommend trying the opposites sex fragrance if one tickles

Bottoms Up! – 3 Great Perfumes Inspired By Cocktails

Fragrances Cocktail Signorina Love sipping a delicious drink in the summer sunshine? These fresh fragrances go hand in hand with your favourite fab drinks. If you happen to find yourself in Berlin we recommend a visit to the luxury cocktail bar Fragrances, which has a special menu where all the drinks are based on scents and you make your drink choice by smell! One of the cocktails available at Fragrances, based on the scent My Name from Trussardi. Doesn’t it look yummy? The Scents: Penhaligon's Juniper Sling This sparkling, playful concoction from legendary British perfume house Penhaligon's has all the freshness of a

The Wonderful History of Perfume II: Pomanders, Silly Hats and the first Euro Perfume.

It's time for another history lesson! If you missed the first part you can find it right here! Last time we talked about the origins of fragrances and the use of perfume in ancient lands. This time we will be getting closer to home as we're about to delve into the origins of European perfumery! As you might recall, Europe had been introduced to the wonders of fragrance through trading with eastern cultures. It wasn't very long before crafty individuals started to learn the techniques and soon the seeds of the mighty European perfume industry had been planted. One popular

Who Hides Behind Celebrities’ Fragrances?

What can singers or actors know about fragrances? Perhaps not much, but they certainly know who to choose to make them with. You might have heard the expression "the nose behind" a certain fragrance. There are literally famous and insured noses around the world belonging to men and women who work for internationally recognized fashion and cosmetic houses to create the perfect mix of ingredients of a fragrance. 1. Britney Spears Britney Spears has 16 branded perfumes that account for 35% of all celebrity perfume sales. Her fragrance "Curious" was born from a partnership with Coty and the nose behind

The Wonderful History of Perfume I: The Early Years

Perfume is timeless and some of the perfumes we sell have been in production for a long time, such as Muelhens 4711 Cologne, which first hit the market in 1792. But perfume, skincare and cosmetics go back way longer than you might think. Even during the stone age, long before Eau de Toilettes, scented shower gel or even regular washing even was a thing, early humans would seek out well-smelling roots and plants and rub themselves with them to smell fab. In this series, we are taking a look at the history of perfume from the dawn of man until

The best summer scent for YOU! – Part two

So my last blog was all about perfume strengths and notes, this one will look at perfume categories and which one might suit you. Fragrances are placed in categories according to gender and scent profile. Most fragrances are either for men or women, but there are quite a few unisex ones on the market as well. Fragrances are also divided into Fragrance Families or Perfume Category as they are sometimes called. When searching on perfume-Click for a fragrance you can look at the left hand side, at the bottom, here you can choose Floral, Woody, Fresh, Aromatic or Oriental as