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Oh My Gosh – Gosh Wonder Lips Review

Pink Gloss    Have you tried the Gosh Wonder Lips gift set yet? If not, then we have some very good reasons to do so. 3 members of the Perfume-Click team have tried out the lip kit and the verdict is clear; this is amazing! What Is The Gosh Wonder Lips? First of all, let's talk about the actual lip kit! It comes in a travel set with two lipglosses. These are not just any glosses! They come with a mirror on the side and a light in the lid. It's literally everything you need to apply your lip products, in a purse-friendly

Red Carpet Royalty : Our Top 10 Timeless Oscars Looks

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be awarding the world's most famous film prize for the 88th time on 28th February. The prestigious ceremony is one of the biggest yearly events that summons herds of Hollywood A-listers to the Dolby Theatre in LA. Making a good impression on the red carpet seems almost as important as winning one of the coveted golden trophies and neither costs nor efforts will be spared in order to shine brighter than Donald Trump's fake smile. Below we have compiled a list of our 10 favourite red carpet styles of all time

Record Store Day!

Be a Legend Collection Iggy Debbie Tomorrow is Record Store Day – a day celebrating independent record stores and music in general. The day was started in 2007 to support record stores many had been forced to close because of the popularity of downloads and pirated music. On Record Store Day, record stores sell exclusive releases by famous bands, often on vinyl. Last year over 500 albums, only available in stores on this day, were released by all kinds of famous artists with everyone from Bob Dylan to Jay-Z pitching in. Read more about it here! To celebrate, we'd thought we'd have a closer look at

One Direction

Four years ago, five fresh looking young boys showed up to audition for the X-factor. They all impressed the judges, were put together as a band and became more successful than anyone could have foreseen. Except Simon Cowell of course, who smelled money from the second he saw the boys' audition tapes. Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis - all names with five letters or less to leave room for more hearts on the posters which girls bring to the concerts - decided on the name One Direction and have since the X-factor days released three albums and toured all

Beyonce Rise – Review

As I was driving to work this morning I realised that it has been a rather long time since I have done a product review, and whats more it is even longer since I have done a review on a perfume. I racked my brains and scoured the shelves about all the new and exciting spring fragrances and then it hit me (not physically....) - the brand new scent from Beyonce that has been released this very month and is flying off our shelves right now is the perfect passion producer! Queen B has indeed been a busy bee -

The Secret of Eternal Youth – in a Bottle!

Celebrating 60 years since it's launch, Youth Dew perfume still remains one of the most popular perfumes available from Estee Lauder – if you know the perfume then you will know that the scent is indeed iconic and very easily recognised. But how did it all come about? I know, I've been wondering that too! In honour it's 60th birthday I thought I would make it my business to research into it and then share my findings with you... The allure of Youth Dew is a pure dream in sheer marketing terms, let alone as a beauty icon and fragrance

Autumn Make-Up Trends 2013

It may have slipped your attention or you may have been bombarded with promo material that there has been a teeny event happening in London recently - that which is London Fashion Week (Or LFW as the cool kids call it).  In celebration of this event and because I know you're all very beautiful, busy people, I thought I would bring you the highlights of the glitz and the glamour straight from the catwalk and provide you with a bit of inside information regarding the forthcoming make up trends for Autumn / Winter 2013 as seen in a recent edition

One Direction – Our Moment Review

The wait is over. The much-anticipated fragrance from One Direction - Our Moment is now on sale and has been described as the biggest ever celebrity perfume launch. Harrods, who were first to stock it, held off doing any additional promotion as the fragrance is likely to sell out within the first few days of going on sale. The celebrity fragrance market grows bigger every year - with last year's sales worth £255 million in the UK - and this year's figures looking like they will top that. A little bit of history for you now – did you know

Go Nutty about Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment!

Its been a while since I have delved into the world of haircare so today I thought I would bring you the first of a number of reviews regarding one of my favourite haircare ranges that I have only discovered since starting this blog - and that is the Macadamia Natural Oil range.  I am lucky in the fact that I am blessed with rather flexible hair - if you can call hair flexible - well I just did - anyway it is a head with lots of individual hairs but they are quite fine so together they look volumised

Riemann P20 Sunfilter Review – The Lowdown

As some of you already know, P & I recently took a 10 day holiday together to Portugal to relax, have a break, have fun, invest in some quality time together – you know, the usual! One of both our biggest bug bears ever about a holiday is applying sun cream. No, seriously. I know it is only a 5 minute job but some days I would waste over an hour faffing or avoiding the task just because it seemed such a massive effort – in fact there was one day that P decided we weren't going out because he