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5 Festival Style Tips

The always-exciting festival season is over us and that calls for new bright trends! Going to a festival isn't just about the music, your friends and some good time in the sun. For some of us, it's also about the style! If you're not sure how to style yourself this season, then look no further! We present to you our 5 Festival Style Tips: Source 1. Braids and plaids! Braids are everywhere this summer and we completely understand! It's such an easy way to make your hair look super cute and at the same time get it out of your

Four Ways To Colour Your Eyebrows

After Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting posted a picture of her pink eyebrows on Instagram, a quick search on Google showed us she's far from the only one who's gone for this daring trend. Dying your eyebrows pink might sound like a crazy idea, but you can't deny that Mrs. Cuoco-Sweeting looks amazing! Other images Kaley posted that day showed that she's dyed her brows with special eyebrow colour that will last for a while. But if you aren't quite ready for that kind of commitment yet you'll find some tips for a less permanent solution below. First off, if you have dark

Love your Lips – get the Perfect Party Pout!

Is your ultimate beauty wish to be more like Angelina Jolie, in the lip department at least? I don't know about you but I often neglect my lips – ironically the one beauty product I have most of in my collection are lip glosses – I think the reason I have so many is because I forget to use them – I am all about the eyes, although there are several areas there too that I could do with brushing up on. In any case, back to the point in hand – I have been spending a bit of time

Recession Remedy #1 – Filling your Cosmetics Bag Needn’t Be Costly!

Are any of you, like me on a permanent hunt for the sunshine and summer weather? I mean I know we had a couple of warm days but the summer solstice has officially passed (it rained most of the day......) and now we're heading towards....dare I say it.......W.....Wiiinnnn....no, I can't, lets just say Autumn!!  In any case - we don't have many days that we can pull off the au naturale, sunkissed look here in England, so other solutions need to be sought. What if I told you that I could fill your make up bag for a fraction of

Put a Spring into this year’s Spring Clean

Following my blog about Spring scents it gave me an idea to share with you the small steps I have taken, like I do  around this time of year, every year, in my 'Operation Declutter' and give myself (my house can come later) a spring clean!  Now, understandably the temperatures are still single figures and the weather isn't exactly warm - but I have seen daffodils and lambs in the field so I can officially annouce that spring has arrived! Be honest, how many of those beauty products do you have cluttering up your dressing table and bathroom cabinets that

All Because the Lady Loves…

Good Afternoon to you!  Hope you're well and wrapped up warm - apparently we're in for another dose of the 'S' word.....by that I mean snow, nothing else that you may have thought about!!  I'm sure the country won't take longer than 2 seconds to go into complete chaos!  Oh - so cynical aren't I?!  Now we've finally managed to close the door to January for another year we can focus on other more positive times ahead - my two particular favourites are Valentine's Day as i am a soft, soppy romantic at heart - and also Pancake Day!!  I

Let’s Get Active!

Good Morning / Afternoon / Day my lovely readers!! How are you? Now, don't be scared by the title of this blog, you will not be breaking a sweat or even moving a muscle throughout this blog – so pack those trainers away, grab a cup of tea (and maybe a couple of cheeky biscuits) and settle down to read my latest review on the new ACTIVE cosmetics range that is a perfect stocking filler (although perhaps slightly too large?!) and so much more! This ACTIVE Glamour Blockbuster Set contains the following : Eye shadow - 3x palettes Compact powder/Blusher