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Put a Spring into this year’s Spring Clean

Following my blog about Spring scents it gave me an idea to share with you the small steps I have taken, like I do  around this time of year, every year, in my 'Operation Declutter' and give myself (my house can come later) a spring clean!  Now, understandably the temperatures are still single figures and the weather isn't exactly warm - but I have seen daffodils and lambs in the field so I can officially annouce that spring has arrived! Be honest, how many of those beauty products do you have cluttering up your dressing table and bathroom cabinets that

The Perfect Perfume Winter Wonderland

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.......Jingle All the Way.....Oh What Fun it is to Ride on a One Horse open Sleigh........*continue humming* .....thinking about that song and my wish list its a good job that Santa has now upgraded his transport options as one horse would NOT be enough to pull all my presents!  Not that I am materialistic, I promise you I'm not - it just so happens that I have been a very, very good girl!  Honest! So anyway, hello my lovely readers how are you today?  Well and warm I hope?  Have you got anything nice planned for the