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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone you simply can’t go wrong with one of our lovely gift sets or a bottle of your love’s signature scent. Romance and perfume have gone hand in hand for a long time and we’ve put together a list of fantastic fragrances and gift sets in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Fragrances for Women: Anna Sui Dolly Girl Gift Set Miniature Coffret 5 x 4ml https://www.perfume-click.co.uk/Anna-Sui-Dolly-Girl-Gift-Set-Miniature-Coffret-5-x-4ml-s21325/ The Dolly Girl gift set is perfect if you aren’t particularly sure

Summer Spirit Scents: 9 fragrances With Beautifully Boozy Notes

To celebrate the summer spirit we've compiled a list of our 9 favourite perfumes with notes of popular spirit like vodka, gin and rum. Perfect selections for a summer night out with cocktails! VODKA This Russian favourite is probably the best possible shape a potato can come in. The word vodka is derived from the slavik word for water which makes sense considering that the best bottles famously taste of pretty much nothing but refreshing water (...with a heart-warming finish). Although the clear spirit is not particularly known for its scent, there is a surprisingly big number of fragrances for

International Women’s Day: Remembering Estée Lauder’s Leading Ladies

SARAH Today we're celebrating International Women's Day by honouring all the amazing women in our lives! This occasion calls for a blog post dedicated to two of the most inspirational women who have lived to shape the cosmetic industry: Estée and Evelyn Lauder! Estée Lauder Born to Eastern European immigrants, Estée Lauder grew up in Queens (NYC) where her uncle, a Chemist, introduced her to the world of cosmetics by showing her how to mix oils and creams to create new products. What started off with playful mixing sessions in the parental garage soon turned into serious business and the pair