Adidas Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Adidas changed hands a few times after being founded in 1949 by brothers Adolf & Rudi Dassler, but the company never lost focus on their true passion of providing us with the best solutions for all our sporting endeavours. With a broad variety of involvement across the global sports industry, you can be sure to find a product designed for your needs. Adidas is renown for making quality sporting goods, deodorants, body gels and men's aftershaves. Whether you're running a marathon or simply enjoying some leisurely sport and recreation, Adidas has it all.

Their vast array of products include bags, shoes, sports equipment and a variety of cool and refreshing body gels, deodorants and aftershaves. Their collection of men's fragrances has some truly magnificent scents worn by men the world over, such as the aromatic woody accords of Active Bodies (1990), the green citrus notes of Dynamic Pulse (1997), the spicy bouquet of Ice Dive (2001), the sumptuously sweet Victory League (2006), the aquatic freshness of Fresh Impact (2009), the green notes of Intense Touch (2011), the balsamic accords of Extreme Power (2012) and many, many more!

Whether you're looking for that perfect men's aftershave, a zesty shower gel or well formulated deodorant, our selection of Adidas products will be sure to fit the bill. Their all-round knowledge and expertise also means that no matter which Adidas product you buy, you'll know that the product has been specially developed for a specific purpose.
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