Annick Goutal Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Annick Goutal is a perfume house based in France. They are known for their fantastic scents and recognizable blown glass bottles with golden details. Annick herself was originally a pianist and model before she found the art of perfumery. Together with her constant collaborator Isabella Doyen she began creating scents in the late 70's and was soon very well respected for her fantastic fragrances. Annick Goutal scents often aim to recreate scenes from nature or from memory and tend to focus on plant and floral notes.

Many Annick Goutal fragrances are mainly aimed for women but there have been several unisex fragrances that suit any gender as well as scents created exclusively for men. Sables (1985) is an oriental scent with woody overtones that uses black pepper and tea in the middle while Duel (2003) is a herbal scent with orris root, woods, leather and musk.
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