Banana Republic Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Banana Republic was founded by an American couple in 1978. This fashion retailer obtained great success with its original, safari-style clothing and a good eye for marketing. Banana Republic maintained a characteristic style, until the brand was acquired in 1983 by The Gap, Inc., making the brand more accessible, with a more refined look and even launching a shoe line.
Banana Republic is famous worldwide, with over 600 stores in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
Banana Republic commercialises clothes, accessories, shoes and one of its more successful activities is the fragrance industry.
Inter Parfums, Inc. has contributed to the creation of Banana Republic's fragrances, launching its first unisex scent, "Classic," in 1995. This fragrance, of citrus and floral accords, is unisex and reveals the versatile spirit of the brand.
This retailer offers fragrances for both men and women, it strives to create parallel collections (female and male collections are launched at the same time) and, within the scent industry, it has even launched a line of candles.
One good example of Banana Republic successful fragrance collections is Republic of Men, launched in 2009 with a reach of over 500 stores worldwide. This scent was created by Laurent Le Guernec and contains sambac, fig leaf and walnut.
Another of the remarkable creations in the fragrances for men line of Banana Republic is the spicy and aromatic Slate, a fragrance created by the reputed nose Marc Chaillant.
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