Ben Sherman Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

British style at its very best, Ben Sherman was founded by Brighton-born Arthur Benjamin Sugarman. Although the brand is unmistakably British it has a rich and international history. After emigrating to America once WWII ended, founder Sugarman married a clothing manufacturer's daughter and changed his name to Ben Sherman. He returned to England in 1963 and decided to set up his own company, renting a small factory on 21 Bedford Square which is now converted into a maisonette. At first Sherman solely made clothes for other companies. Designing his own shorts proved to be one of the best decisions of his life and the Ben Sherman Oxford shirt is a classic even today. Copied by many brands, no one can create a quality Oxford shirt like Ben Sherman can.

The classic Harrington jacket is loved by many and can be considered a cult favourite. Featuring the classic checkered lining and button-flap pockets, these jackets are available in over five colours to appeal to anyone's taste. Other popular items found in their catalogue are two-toned hats with fun accents on the rim, minimalistic leather watches and of course a celebrated line of aftershaves and fragrances.

After entering the fragrance world with the launch of Live Forever (2006), a woody and floral scent, Ben Sherman has only released a handful of fragrances. Spending their time and effort on creating quality colognes and putting quality over quantity. This was confirmed with the release of the Ben Sherman (2011) and Ben Sherman Gold (2012) aftershaves. Both juices are housed in a patriotic bottle shaped like the Union Jack. Where Ben Sherman has an aromatic tinge, Ben Sherman Gold leans towards woody with added notes of tonka bean, pineapple and ginger.
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